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Roundtable Summary 2022-03-07




  • Gang Base Changes @ WALT
    • Request redesign of current gang base near warzone island.
    • Add an additional gang base to the Gang Skirmish located on Old Drug Cartel Peninsula.
      • Would allow a second gang to compete for the ability to own a gang base more acclimated towards federal events/ runs.
      • Gangs only have the ability to capture/ own one gang base per week.
      • Remove big tower & add command center in its place.
      • Rotate rebel boat to different location to prevent gang skirmish interference.
    • Add a spawnable (green zone) rebel located at Therisa Airfield.
      • Can only be accessed & spawnable during Gang Skirmish.
      • Would prevent rebel and spawn campers disrupting the event. 
      • Add conquest vehicle shop script to automatically spawn in vehicle when pulled.
      • Respawn timer of 3 minutes for green zone rebel similar to conquest respawn script.
      • Rebel shop will be located inside hangar.
    • Change Gang Skirmish Time & Date: Sundays at 3PM EST.
      • Both Gang Bases will occur during the same time of Gang Skirmish.
    • Change time to win for gangs within Gang Skirmish to 30 minutes of capture time.
    • Rule Change: Ban all Armed Black Water Vehicles from Gang Skirmish.
    • Rule Change: Ban RPGS & Mines from Gang Skirmish.
    • Rule Change: Vigis may not taze or arrest individuals within the event area.
    • Buff to processing speeds of illegal runs (drugs/ uranium) when owning gang base: increase by 20% of current percentage bonus.
    • Disable gang base rebel shop during skirmish.
      • Prevents current owner from buying gear at gang base rebel during event.
    • Disable the ability to spawn at gang base 45 minutes before the event starts.
    • Add a vehicle despawn script that despawns all inactive vehicles within 100 meters of gang base once event begins. 
    • Disable the warpoint reset timer during the gang skirmish event.
      • Receive full 3 wps per kill - no matter the time when player was killed
    • All Loadouts lost during gang skirmish within the gang skirmish red zone, will go towards a gang base pot which is distributed accordingly between gangs who have time captured during the skirmish. 1st: 60% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 10%. - Only 33% of the gear price will contribute towards the pot
  • Change Church Cartel Zone Capture Size @ WALT
    • Currently zone is to large and allows players to capture the cartel off the actual church compound.
    • Move zone slightly north to prevent players from capping the cartel far below the south hill.


  • Add a gas station on Warzone @ Big John1
    • Location preferably to be Old House Cap Cartel.
    • Add vehicle garage to gas station.
  • In-Game Gang Ledger @ Joel - Concerns with development.
    • An in-game point system/ ledger for leaders to see which members capture cartels and how much revenue they generated holding the cartels.
    • Allows for easier member payouts for their time & work. 


  • Car Racing @ Ricky Falzo - Significant developer time required, admin even already exists.
    • Players must interact with DP NPC in order to activate race event/ claim rewards.
    • The players that starts the race sets starting DP to ending DP.
    • 0 to 1 Million entry fee, set by player starting race.
    • Make racers name tags yellow while competing in event like tutorial.
    • Ability for players to gamble on who will win, uncapped amount aka place bets.
    • Only Hatchbacks, Go-Karts, and SUV's can be selected as a race vehicle. (Player starting race sets vehicle)
    • Players must be within 100 meters of the starting point for the race event, as the timer starts when all players are in event vehicle.
    • If player exits completes race in non event vehicle players is disqualified
      • Implement mechanic which disables the ability to sling event vehicles.
  • Add Level 4 Carrier Rigs to War Point Shop for 25 War Points @ Ricky Falzo - Already existing issue of armour stacking. 
    • Willing to adjust cost if needed.
  • Return of Taxi System @ Ricky Falzo
    • Use old system/ skins/ rules.


  • Resource Rushes @ anti - Caters to heavily to players that can stockpile in houses. Idea of temporarily entire buffing run will be revised for next roundtable.
    • Less frequent than Radioactive missiles,  but basically, one legal resource is chosen and for the next hour, all sales of that resource sell for double the normal price.

    • WPL bonus only counts towards the standard price.

    • Police generate much larger than normal 'paycheck' type payments for being near the processor or seller for that resource during the rush.

    • Server Wide Notification & Notification sounds:  i.e.  "National Copper Shortage; Copper prices doubled!"  Sale price does not diminish during a rush, encouraging wpls to leave each other alone.

    • Police are encouraged to protect WPL holders without a bounty, and all police in the area get a final check worth a very small percentage of what everyone has sold for during that rush's time. Three checks occur every 20 minutes on which police are near to determine what percentage they get when finalized.

    • 1st 1000 resources sold per unique player can be sold with the rush bonus.

  • Increase cop seize time on airdrop vehicles to 2 minutes to seize vehicle. @ TapTap
    • Add Progress Bar UI when seizing vehicle.
    • Reasoning: 2 minutes is the same time for seizing airdrop crates for APD.





  • Undercover air vehicle variants to Undercover APD Officer's garage shops.  - Undercover air vehicle skins can only be used by undercover officers regardless of rank.
    • Rule change:
      • "APD undercover officers may utilize undercover vehicles."
        • Exception: Undercover aerial vehicles cannot be used for mixed transport with uniformed APD Officers.
          • Reasoning: An additional tool for APD Undercover Officers to utilize in their role to convincingly be a civilian. 
  • The ability for Undercover APD Officers to do the picking animation to simulate them picking ingredients etc. 
  • This would be the same animation as civilians picking ingredients to process.
    • Reasoning: An additional tool for Undercover APD Officers to utilize in their role to convincingly be a civilian. 
  • The ability for Undercover APD Officers to create fake gangs. 
    • The Undercover APD Officer would be able to set their fake gang name at an APD HQ by interacting with the item shop.
    • The Undercover APD Officer would not be able to create a gang name that already exists.
    • This would function the same as a civilian that is in a gang with it displayed beneath the Undercover APD Officer's name. 
      • Reasoning: An additional tool for Undercover APD Officers to utilize in their role to convincingly be a civilian.


  • Increase armor limit at Vehicle Airdrops from 1 to 3. - Undercover officers will no longer be able to attend airdrops  
    • Rule Change:
      • APD Officers may utilize 3 armored vehicle for the raid.
        • Reasoning: Airdrops overall have a mass of armor pulled by civs participating in the event. Specifically at the Vehicle Airdrop there is a chance of an armed aerial vehicle spawning and, the APD responding in unarmored vehicles for 1 wave is a difficult push against the mass of civilians and their armoor. 
  • Decrease the price of all Taru variants on APD. 
    • Taru (Transport)   $950,000 -> $600,000
    • Taru (Bench)         $850,000-> $700,000
    • Taru (Sling)            $700,000-> $450,000
      • Reasoning: The high prices are due to the high virtual storage capacity for civs doing runs. The APD does not utilize the vehicles for runs and does not utilize the high storage capacity. 
  • The armed plane repair pad script to be the same as the helicopter repair pad script.  - Planes are significantly more vulnerable when landing to reapair.
    • Armed planes can currently land and immediately repair without having to complete a progress bar.
  • The black MX/Spar cannot be loaded with regular 100rnd magazines/non APD varient high capacity magazines and can only be loaded with black 100rnd magazines/APD varient high capactity magazines. 
    • Civs would not be able to obtain a black MX/Spar (default Patrol Officer weapons) and immediately turn them into a tazer LMG. 
      • Reasoning: The MX/Spar are the default weapons of Patrol Officers and due to Patrol Officers being a majority of the APD it is not difficult to rob an MX/Spar from one. Being able to change the MX/Spar into an LMG results in both civs and cops being tased, restrained, robbed, vigi'd etc. Obviously no one enjoys being robbed/vigi'd especially when it is so easy to obtain and significantly buff an MX/Spar into such effective weapons on civ. 
  • Jail redesign 
    • Keep the Jail in the same location but re-work the internal layout (ideally to be larger and a more open layout).
      • Reasoning: The current Jail is difficult to push and fighting inside the Jail is not fun due to the cluttered and confusing layout. 
  • Remove the script preventing APD Officers from picking up weapons that are not in their shop/entering certain vehicles. 
    • Script prevents APD Officers from being able to pickup weapons such as Zafirs. 
    • Script prevents APD Officers from being able to enter civilian Ghosthawks.  - No
  • The SUV from Patrol Officer+ garage shop to the Deputy garage shop. 
    • Reasoning: An alternative vehicle for Deputies to utilize rather than the Offroad. 
  • Allow Corporal access to the Undercover System. 
    • Rule Change:
      • FTO Corporal+ may utilize the APD undercover system.
        • Reasoning: FTO have had access to the APD undercover system for a reasonable amount of time and any major issues have been resolved and fixed. Adding the undercover system to Corporal+ opens the role to more individuals so they have additional content on the APD. 
  • Increase the maximum amount of Undercover APD Officers that can conduct operations at a time from 2 to 3. 
    • Rule Change: 
      • A maximum of 2 3 APD undercover officers can conduct operations at a time.
        • Reasoning: With FTOs being able to access the APD undercover system there has been an increase in APD Officers wanting to play the role and at times 3 APD Undercover Officers wanting to conduct operations together. 


You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:


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Gang base is actually gonna be a good event now. Should put it on S3 if that's not already the plan though to reduce lag and to not disturb people playing S1 normally.

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7 hours ago, mat the w said:

Gang base is actually gonna be a good event now. Should put it on S3 if that's not already the plan though to reduce lag and to not disturb people playing S1 normally.

we want the ppl on s1 to attend it. not just cartel ppl

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8 hours ago, mat the w said:

Gang base is actually gonna be a good event now. Should put it on S3 if that's not already the plan though to reduce lag and to not disturb people playing S1 normally.

We'll see how attendance is and if the server can handle it first.

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1 hour ago, Millennium said:

we want the ppl on s1 to attend it. not just cartel ppl

You know other gangs from s1 have arms and legs and should be able to move to s3. Can add the same notification but add "WILL BE HOSTED ON OLYMPUS SERVER 3"

40 minutes ago, Siltonious Milton II said:

We'll see how attendance is and if the server can handle it first.

Fair enough but just from past experience with conquest s2 it used to run so utterly bad and even gang base in general on s1 is so laggy.

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