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  1. its just following the general trend of everyone leaving oly
  2. Cop sucks, because civ sucks, because medics troll. So as you can see to fix this the medic faction must be removed.
  3. i mean it has 2 mil worth of mags with it ill sell it for 3.5 with no mags
  4. Canada is a communist hell
  5. yea, its tier 5 full face armor and envg
  6. https://gyazo.com/406162788389142fe38aea34ab76bc00 https://gyazo.com/ab93e30279a7fa5e3270a50f8fa696e4
  7. they all sold gona post updated pics ina bit
  8. rpg not for sale rn, mxm 500k , special purpose helmet 15m
  9. pcovs 225k ea regular csats 75k ea
  10. to be fair if you try and float a bunch of ideas containing buffs to the apd and maybe increasing moderator power u might get a shot.

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