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Roundtable Summary 2022-02-05

Diamond Drop



  • Server 1 Hot Zone Event: POSTPONED @ WALT
    • Event occurs once per restart if player pop is above 100 All gangs notified 10 minutes before event start
    • Pot starts at 10 Mil - pot generation is from BOTH gear purchased at rebels and drugs sold during the event
    • Single Zone / Point consists of a randomized pool of locations consisting of all current Altis conquest points, cartels, and black markets.
    • Event runs off a time-based system similar to gang base. To capture the hot zone, you must capture the flag (takes 30 seconds to capture).
    • First gang to capture a hot zone for 60 minutes wins the event.
    • Pot is divided amongst the top 3 gangs:
      • 1st: 50% of pot
      • 2nd: 35% of pot
      • 3rd: 15% of pot
    • No NLR within the Hot Zone.
    • Event will not have a rebel that you can spawn at. You will have to get geared like normal and then go back to the event.
    • No armed aerial vehicles / explosive ground vehicles with the exception of the .50 cal
    • Vigi’s aren’t allowed to tase / retrain players participating in the event zone 
    • APD will follow Air Drop rules for responding

Idea was postponed for the time being. Current server events such as Gang Base need to be fixed / re-evaluated before we add new events. The goal of the idea was to produce an event that would spawn in allowing for short-duration, no NLR fights similar to Conquest, but on server 1.

  • Change to Contesting a Cartel: PASSED @ jmcan
    • If a group outnumbers another by 3 to 1, the cap will no longer be fully contested
    • Once 3 to 1 is reached, you will be able to cap / de-cap at 50% the normal speed
    • This is intended to make cartel fighting faster paced and to limit players ability to exploit / hide and prevent a larger group from capping

The Civilian Council wanted to further expand on the previous roundtable where we made changes to cartels. The continued goal is to focus cartels more on fighting rather than the money making aspect. This change is intended to keep gangs offensive on cap, prevents players from camping the flagpole through contesting, and benefits the groups who are putting more players into the zone.


The run was envisioned to be a legal gang run comparable to Meth and Moonshine. Through coordination and group effort, gangs will be able to conduct this run with no fear of APD intervention while also receiving comparable compensation. Changes may be made to the run before it reaches Server 1 (such as ingredients) as testing will be conducted beforehand to ensure the run is not overpowered / underpowered.

  • Gang Shed Activity Requirement: PASSED @ xxdausxx
    • A gang that owns a gang shed will need to meet two criteria to maintain it:
      • 5 active members per month
      • 10 accumulative hours for all gang members
    • This is intended to stop dead / inactive gangs from keeping a valuable gang shed by forcing the gang to meet a set number of hours and players per month

The logic for this change is the following:
increase gang tax => harm smaller/newer gangs, no change for inactive old gangs
add activity requirement => harm inactive gangs, no change for "semi-active" people


  • Advanced Zip Ties: @ Falco  @ duanty_lake_23
    • Reinforced zip ties PASSED
      • 10k per
      • Needs lockpicks or bolt cutters to unrestrain
      • Restrain time reduced to 10 minutes
    • GPS zip ties DENIED
      • 15k per
      • Restrain time reduced to 10 minutes
      • Only the Vigi that put on the zip ties can see the location of the restrained player

While the reinforced zip ties were approved, it was felt that the GPS zip ties were not necessary. The potential impact they could have on balance or their limited use was deemed not currently worth the effort of implementation.


  • Warpoints for Terror: PASSED @ SPBojo  @ Murder Taxi Driver
    • The gang /group that started the terror will receive warpoints while in the terror zone
    • Will only receive warpoints for killing geared players (5.56 and up)
    • Should result in an increase in the number of terrors done

Intended to give an actually incentive to doing terror’s rather then just killing nakeds in Kavala.

  • Scavenger Hunt: PASSED @ SPBojo  @ MBPslyr
    • For every update a new scavenger hunt will start with clues in the update log for all 3 locations
    • Each location will have a placed item you can interact with that gives you a 2-digit grid, e.x. 11 at point 1, 10 at point 2, 25 at point 3
    • After finding all 3 locations, the player will need to combine the 6 numbers and determine the right grid location, e.x. 112510,111025,101125,102511, 251011,251110
    • To complete the scavenger hunt, a player must windows key an area with a pickaxe
    • The area will be 100m x 100m
    • Scavenger hunt payouts would be the following for the first few:
      • 2.5 mill for first place
      • 1 mill for 2nd to 10th place
      • Everyone else will get a message of “better luck next time”
    • Future Scavenger Hunt rewards could be BW gear and vehicles

This would be done at Development/Design's own rate, there shouldn't be an expectation of a new scavenger hunt every month. This will add a “passive event” allowing players to do something other than cops and robbers. 


  • New title: PASSED @ MBPslyr
    • Adding a title for being wanted for 2m+- title name WANTED
    • Adding a title for being wanted for 5m+ - title name Hey look mom I am on TV!
    • Adding a title for being wanted for 10m+ - title name The Boogey Man
    • Adding a title for killing 15 people without dying - Running Riot 
    • Adding a title for killing 25 people without dying - Tactical Nuke 
    • Adding a title for killing 75 people without dying - Better gaming chair
    • Adding a title for using a  suicide vest that kills 9+ people  - Killpocalypse
    • Adding a title for 50 grenade kills - Throws like girl
    • Adding a title for 150 grenade kills - Hand Cannon1
    • Adding a title for 500 grenade kills - Holy Hand Grenade
    • (below ones are for unrestraining civs that are APD restrained to civ/vigi)
    • Adding a title for unrestraing 25 players - Lock pick McGee
    • Adding title for unrestraining 100 players - Haz handcuff keys
    • adding a title for unrestraining 250 players - HQ Snek
    • Adding a title for 25 terror kills - Radio tower hacker
    • Adding a title for 100 terror kills - No russian
    • Adding a title for 250 terror kills - AutoLeftClick.exe


  • BW Changes: @ Masoooooooooon  @ Farrell  @ rabid
    • All exterior walls at blackwater can be destroyed (inner walls will still be indestructible) PASSED
      • Hesco’s below outer towers will be removed
    • Remove / change loot pool: DENIED
      • Promet SG – Remove
      • LIM-85 – Remove
      • MK200 – Remove
      • ENVG-II (Grey) from Ultra Rare to Rare
      • Suicide Vest – Remove
      • Ghillie Suit [CSAT] – Remove
      • Full Ghillie (Arid) [CSAT] – Remove
      • GA Carrier Lite (Digital) – Remove
      • 5.8 Stealth Suppressor from Very Rare to Uncommon
      • 5.56 Suppressor from Very Rare to Uncommon
      • ARCO Scope – Remove
      • MRCO Scope – Remove
      • RCO Scope – Remove
      • IR Laser Pointer – Remove

Allowing the exterior walls of BW to be destructible will allow for more dynamic fighting on the exterior of BW. Instead of holding the same angles for the whole event, players will have to be more aware of their surroundings while still limiting their exposure to the APD. To insure balance, the Hesco’s below the exterior towers will be removed, making any push up the towers a more coordinated attack. Changes to the BW loot pool were denied as any change would currently result in an unbalanced pool.

  • A 2 minute unseal timer added to APD Escorts: PASSED @ Masoooooooooon  @ rabid
    • Scroll-wheel option
    • If cop enters vehicle it c//ancels
    • Increase to loot pool

Currently the event is slam-looted after the first wave ruining the fun of fighting for the event. This will allow APD to actually re-wave to the event. An increase to the loot pool was denied as the loot is already at a very high level compared to the work required to steal it.


  • Roadkits to Corporal+ PASSED

CPL+ will be used to test uses in roleplay and effects on performance but once complete will be moved to PO+.

  • Black MK200 to Active Captains+ DENIED
  • Kajman (Unarmed) to Active Dep Chief+ DENIED
    • Nerf glass so it is easier to penetrate
  • APD Dispatch Rewards PASSED
    • Civilian sends a dispatch as normal
    • APD responds to the dispatch and resolves the situation
    • An APD Officer can windows key the civ and there will be an option to “Accept Dispatch”, upon pressing “Accept Dispatch” the civ will receive a notification that they can accept or decline stating that the APD Officer responded to the dispatch 
    • If the dispatch is accepted all nearby cops (same distance as sending to jail) will get a split of $50k

The intent is to encourage APD responding to Civ in distress in a timely manner.


  • Add Orcas back to Corporals PASSED
    • Only for Federal Events, Blue zones, Banks

A long and thorough conversation was had on this topic. Rather than completely denying the Orca to CPLs, it was agreed that CPLs will be able to use them in a limited capacity. The limiting factor preventing CPLs full access to the Orca is the reality that newer players and groups are unable to reliably counter the Orca, resulting in an unbalanced situation. 

  • Players that have been tased have 3 / 1 second of invulnerability PASSED
    • Similar to how the tased animation worked previously the player would not take any damage from being shot

This was added to correct issues with the new taze animation. With this change, It will provide players a 1 second grace period to avoid killing a player in restraints. 

  • Limiting the visual effects from using painkillers/heroin
    • You will still receive the benefits of the drug with not as excessive visual effects
  • APD Rule Changes
    • Remove wave cap for raiding Warzone if following individuals from a Federal Event / Vehicle airdrop  PASSED
      • Increased to 7 waves with PC

Cartel Council was supportive of these changes allowing for more responses to APD as well as maintaining a hard wave limit. Additionally, with the addition of vehicle airdrops a change was needed to insure that Warzone was not abused as a safe haven.

  • POs able to raid the Airdrop PASSED
    • The Airdrop zone would be similar to WarZone with the automatic ability for PO/Deps to be able to scroll wheel load lethals so no Corporal+ would be required to authorize

With this POs will no longer have to wait on a CPL to go to an Airdrop and can autonomously participate/start airdrops.


You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:


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the 3rd stage legal run thing is interesting but also i wish there was a level system and u can just naturally turn legal proed items into different things like copper ingots can be turned into copper wire


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  • Gang Shed Activity Requirement: PASSED @ xxdausxx
    • A gang that owns a gang shed will need to meet two criteria to maintain it:
      • 5 active members per month
      • 10 accumulative hours for all gang members
    • This is intended to stop dead / inactive gangs from keeping a valuable gang shed by forcing the gang to meet a set number of hours and players per month



this is cringe

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On 2/7/2022 at 6:41 PM, different poseidon said:

the 3rd stage legal run thing is interesting but also i wish there was a level system and u can just naturally turn legal proed items into different things like copper ingots can be turned into copper wire


my idea behind this is to open a framework for future expansion.  if this works well as a proof of concept then im sure something like you mentioned could be implemented in the future but we gotta walk before we can run

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