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  1. Right who's idea was it to start wacking ads on this bitchimage.thumb.png.d21523147f27760edd4a92abe2880a1d.png

    1. sploding


      Just get an adblock lol.

    2. SPBojo


      But like fr who's idea is it to use a browser without adblock, shesh

    3. Remorse
  2. Were in the same gang I dont even know who you are
  3. Spligate is pretty fun New World MMO comes out in September Battlefield 2042 in October Rust
  4. Spectators perspective, would of been cool to maybe have 2 dedicated commentators / casters always talking and keeping it engaging and exciting and other staff would perform the setup/teleports Post match interviews with the players/gangs would of been a nice addition also. Think more community engagement and excitement surrounding it overall making sure camera was focussed on fights. Dunno if its a possibility but could of given people channel points at the start of stream then each match could have a twitch prediction for the winner and maybe some ingame small rewards for betting on your team. Ingame title or forum momento for attending / watching the event Mostly comparing it to a CSGO match in terms of commentating and setup however know that is on a large scale and lot of time to setup but just opens possibilities for next gang-wars. Touching on Hurricane and Hawky comments; Announcement post was August 1st with two weeks for the event unsure how long the file was in dev for but perhaps allow longer time to test mission and stream setup. Like the idea of set maps perhaps some custom made CQC arenas or areas could be made so that it would be new to both teams and maybe release a picture of the layout a few hours before event so teams can study them or allow teams to maybe play on a practice server a week before the event sort of like a CQC or attack n defend server.

  5. medics ain’t shit but bitches an tricks 

    1. lvy


      aint nothin like a medic gettin ya banned for something he saw on duty, fuck medics 

    2. Felix The Tool Tate
  6. POV you got robbed by Deppo
  7. Anyone going to be playing New World on launch?

    1. Mighty


      Hell yea. I played the beta and it was fun!

    2. destruct
  8. Bio-hazard Fed event or some new run O_o would be lit
  9. @ Martinezzz Believe he's speaking about having gang tags be forced onto players names when they are in a gang so removes issues with engaging. Heard rumours its in works but also heard its not. What is the use for the Hazmat suit purely RP or does it work with a mechanic?
  10. Discord is good but found for Arma communities teamspeak has always been better in terms of visible structure of the channels and advanced permissions Also alot easier to see who's actively on as if discord is loaded your shown online but in teamspeak you have to actually connect. I personally like being able to see peoples ranks before names and also what tags they have shown by their icons. Large discords become cluttered in my opinion as the text chat takes up a huge portion of the screen
  11. Put Poker in the casino for my gambling habit 

  12. Happy 4th July to those across the pond that celebrate it 

  13. Could try this; https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/66913-How-to-import-your-existing-TeamSpeak-3-identities-on-an-iOS-device
  14. I like to patrol legal zones to keep people from getting robbed but doesn't mean I'll necessarily check redzones any less just make checking legals a regular part of patrols Either way great idea

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