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Conquest Changelog - 9-07-23



updater logo.webp


  • Ruha - New Map
  • HUD Enhancements
    • Compass
      • Displays at the top of the screen as a visual aid instead to discern direction without pulling out Vanilla Compass
      • Can be toggled off entirely in the settings menu
    • GPS
      • Custom Map Markers now display on the GPS
        • Ex: Alive and Dead group/gangmates, Pharmaceutical/Escort, etc.
    • Hex Icons
      • Dead Team/group/gangmates now retain their hex on death however it is converted to a dead hex
      • Can be toggled off entirely in the settings menu
        • Displays on Hex whether a player requires a dopamine shot or a medic if their dope shot cooldown is active
  • Arma 3 v2.14 Cosmetics
    • 17 Additional Facemasks and Balaclavas
    • 2 Additional hats
  • SMG and Holosights added to Rebel shops
  • Ported
    • Textures
      • Digital Pack
      • CSAT Pack
      • Bloodsport and Empress Qilin
    • Automatic Clothing bug fix


  • Stratis zone - Girna Gunfight @ Polly  
  • MRAP decamp spangle speed reduced from 35km/ph to 25km/ph
  • PrometSG price increase from $90k to $125k
  • Updated spawn menu GUI
  • Default value in Y-Inventory is now 1
  • Hunter (Smoke) now shoots an additional 360 ring of smokes
  • Updated Titles from S1
  • Updated Hex Icons from S1


  • Spangle script not accounting for negative values
  • SWAT Ifrit texture unavailable to SWAT members
  • 'Silent bug' for players


  • Grass
  • Like 5
  • PogChamp 1
  • Monkey 1


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