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  1. 50 mil bet server one [SP] Kyrone

    1. Devan.fr
    2. Devan.fr


      people like me are too broke



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    2. KeithR
    3. Millennium
    4. VidiGamer


      Now if we could get ppl to stop pronouncing Socrates as  "sock-ra-tees". "So-cra-tis" is the proper pronunciation and even university professors pronounce it wrong, and it urcs me lol. Pythagoras is another one, but i cant fight every dead greek philosophers battles. 


  3. I appreciate the quality of life additions added with the update! Awesome job.
  4. KeithR

    o7 APD

    o7 Noodles, best of luck to you.
  5. Congratulations on contributor.

    1. Headless


      Thanks Keith!!!

  6. KeithR

    What’s poppin

    Best of luck to you man!
  7. o7 pledge, I hope I can achieve your standing one day. Have fun and good luck in your later endeavors.
  8. Practice and practice and practice somemore. That will help you.
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