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  1. digging the new profile update! Thanks @Grandma Gary!

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    2. Kyle^ :)
    3. I Am Fuzzy
    4. Savage


      7 hours ago, Grandma Gary said:

      Happy to help the shitters of Olympus ^_______^

      U disappoint me

  2. Congratulations to @Julian on Support Team Lead!

  3. Do you kno dae wae?

    1. Little Bitch Egg Guy

      Little Bitch Egg Guy

      Follow me! I know da wae!

    2. Bloodmoon


      I'm gonna skin you and wear your fur as a hat.

    3. Little Bitch Egg Guy

      Little Bitch Egg Guy

      @Bloodmoon Oh no brudda, please don't!

  4. Submit a ban appeal here: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  5. Happy Birthday @Jordan540, Have a good one!

  6. @Julian Happy birthday man!

    1. Julian


      Thank you,you asexual inbred fat brown egg.


  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Try to spend a little bit of time with your families today!

  8. Congrats to @Fusah on Supervisor!! well deserved man

  9. Happy Birthday @Jesse, hope you have a good one

    1. Jesse


      Thank you. It was a good day indeed.


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