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  1. Gluxdator

    Complex designs are great. Anyone can get a template and put a actual camo texture behind it, with a picture here or there; and call it done. But when you make your own template and integrate your design into it, that's when the magic is made. Also working as a team and communicating with each other is a must. Especially with me. If Mako isn't around and you have e questions about texture design message me or get on teamspeak (evenings).
  2. Gluxdator

    Yay! Good luck to all who apply. Oh man we are gonna make some cool shit (art and other things)
  3. Cant wait to go home and start making some art. 

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    2. Daddy Fenwick

      Daddy Fenwick

      Dont forget to smoke a fatttttty first!

    3. DashToxic
    4. Gf 1 v 24

      Gf 1 v 24

      41 minutes ago, Pool Boy said:

      i too consider semen on my asshole art


  4. Gluxdator

    Since I wasn't fast enough to put this in:
  5. Gluxdator

    Same. @Peter Long maybe we can talk about our mission file size for textures going up. There so much art to be done! This is gonna be sick.
  6. Gluxdator

    Thanks for all you have done @McDili you will be missed. Congrats @Peter Long!
  7. Way to Go @Shades for making it to the APD today. Lets get a bunch of hookers and blow and party it up!

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    2. Gluxdator


      LOL. Haha it was an old way of saying Way To Go! I edited it now.

    3. Genghis Khan
    4. Shades


      Thanks bro. 

  8. Got a few days off. Gonna make some of the best art Arma in general will ever see! Muhaha.

    1. ikiled


      Related imageyessir

    2. Gluxdator


      Why thank you!

  9. Gluxdator

    Best update by far. Cant wait for the next one. Well done guys! Pretty good birthday for me.
  10. Gluxdator

    Hell yeah Ill take a post for my B-Day lol. Thanks guys!!
  11. @Shades WTG on Contributor. We shall create amazing things. Now time to party it up!

    1. Shades


      Thanks man.

    2. Daddy Fenwick

      Daddy Fenwick

      Smoke one for me boys!


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