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  1. Gluxdator

    I think it looks nice. I was wondering what happened before with this.
  2. Congratz @Secret Agent on promotion to Designer. Keep up the good work.

    1. Secret Agent

      Secret Agent

      ty bud I shall serve you well

  3. Gluxdator

    Looks cool. Good work. Can you explain your process? What software do you use?
  4. 20190331133631_1.jpg

    Im not paying my Mortgage anymore, until Bank of Altis fixes its shit!

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    2. gaz



    3. Able



    4. Gluxdator


      hahahaha, see thats why I have you guys to proof read :D

      Updated the screenshot. haha

  5. Gluxdator

    I do plan on retiring / redoing (to save room) some of the older textures, hatchbacks, quad bikes, and some other vehicles. Im currently re-structuring all the textures, so we can save tons of room and implement a rotation for textures. From a design perspective yeah it could easily be done; but there would have to be a limit to how many textures we would allocate to that. Also we would need a designer to man that station. Why not add on there, Gang Advertisement Billboard (1 or 2), Gang Issue Ground Vehicle. Just an idea I had while high.
  6. 20190323082441_1.jpg

    Almost forgot to show you the front of the N7 Ifrit. 

    1. Skys


      Looks fucking sick

  7. Gluxdator

    I like that one alot. Who ever made it is god lol.
  8. 20190322235207_1.jpg

    Been awhile since I posted a concept. Yay or Nay? We are always looking for ideas. @Shades for this idea and assistance; most credit goes to him.

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    2. N7Zero


      i need me this skin!

    3. Rexo


      Looks clean af

    4. Borax


      no i aint wanna see that shit with @N7Zero name on it 

  9. Gluxdator

    I made everything in this; even remade the logo with my own spin.
  10. Gluxdator

    Oh snap. Well Peter it was fun, we shall smoke up and play some time. Also if you ever have suggestions let me know.
  11. Lets make a update story together. Ill start:

    Once upon a time there was a young self conscious...

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    2. Slumberjack


      until they came around

    3. RDyer216


      And supported him, but it was too late..

    4. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      He had already got a sex change and

  12. Gluxdator

    He's out for a vacation with the fam and for an upgrade. Hell be back.
  13. Gluxdator

    Sorry bro there is a High Quality texture on it already lol. Hope you like.
  14. Gluxdator

    I loled alot. Its playing in Sofia 16 Theaters too.
  15. Gluxdator

    If Kavala could have a town slogan what would that slogan be? I think it would be "RDM Capital of the World". What you think lol? I might use it in some billboards.

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