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  1. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  2. Grego

    You're a cuntributor
  3. Grego

    @Hadi Mokdad
  4. @rapidaax you won’t retire from staff no balls

    1. rapidaax


      retire from staff to join renegade rp :3Nips:

    2. Grego


      Rexo sold it :4head:

    3. rapidaax


      26 minutes ago, Grego said:

      Rexo sold it :4head:

      Lmfao imagine selling something that was dead to begin with 

  5. Should this man @TheElaborate be punished for his crimes against the people of Olympus?
  6. I will pay to watch someone get interrogated by @LukeTheSup 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RDyer216


      +1.  Who wants to fuck up and report themselves tonight. 

    3. Mercury


      Oh really, how much?

    4. 1-800TryHards
  7. I have a bad feeling about this @rapidaax @Corps 




    jk congrats sub humans

  8. @Coffee I knew you would get it

  9. @Bralls you o7’d yet you still play :4head:

    1. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      people always do it for the attention

    2. Bojo


      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand who cares? 

  10. I jumped back at it


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