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  1. @Prime thought you already o7'd retard hahaha
  2. @Peter Long if you are still hosting gw I’ll do the stats still, but if it’s someone else hosting it I’ll just give them ownership of the stats sheet I made 

  3. Arma got super fucking boring after Peter left ownership and from then I wanted to leave, but certain people in the community kept me going. Now those people arn't around no more and I can't bare to open up this game anymore. Also when the most recent event for Olympus happened, it pushed me even more to o7. Gonna do couple @'s so I can get some upvotes on my post @CorNfLower : You always gave me a laugh when we played together. The best times I had on this server was scatting with you, and playing cop. Sorry for almost sdaring you... @snipeZ : Fuck you shit sergeant! @ThatNerdyGuy : Start streaming again for dep chief @BenJI : Thanks for sticking with me when @Airborne left us. @TheCmdrRex : Thanks for coming into my channel after I got corporal to show me that someone cared about my promotion in sapd. @ikiled : You were Cooler when you were a PO. Junior dev changed you. @Rexo : I'm still waiting for my cut buddy. @hawk : You were a better dep chief than that Jordan guy. @Childish @Mercury : I'm sorry for not being a good member of the senior rnr. I wasn't aware of the expectations you guys had. Hopefully, the rnr will become the best it can be with childish running it. Oh, and merc did you cetch one of your korian basterds yet or no? I'm done with the @'s cause I don't want to be @ing people for the next hour. This is my o7 post from Olympus, and most likely Arma. I'll be crawling around somewhere in the ts. o7 Olympus...
  4. Ryan took down the forums to add the new dark theme | Change My Mind

  5. @Cyanide Thanks for helping me out when I first got corporal D; Cya later man had fun playing with you o7
  6. You left Airborne in the dust, grats

    1. rapidaax


      @Airborne too busy fuckking his guy roommate but thanks grego : )

  7. hbd buddy :) miss you

    1. Dab


      he died of his own death unfortunately

  8. Thanks, Mr. Ryan for allowing me more reactions for being a donor :D

    1. Ryan


      Don’t forget which one of us have infinite :3Nips:

    2. Billybobjoe


      @ the devs who can just edit anyones stats/profiles :wtf:

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