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  1. @whoever changed my group on the forums. APD is way better then the RnShit. Please make my main group APD or else thanks ^_^

    1. communistjosh


      Oh boy I love denying DEPUTIES 

      Oh nvm you got promoted :(

      RIP Deputy Grego meme 2018-2018

    2. Jester


      gEnEraL inQuIRY

  2. Grego

    IronMan all the way is my favorite
  3. Rip my nigga Stan Lee :(

  4. Congrats @Jamie you gay boy

    Congrats on the biggest windows key warrior yet @Kyle Lake

  5. Happy birthday Fat chlamydia @Fat Clemenza

  6. Grego

    Nice photo ^_^
  7. Grego

    I will take the thermal nvgs for $5
  8. Grego

    o7 man, It was a fun ride
  9. Grego

    I wonder where you got those items from
  10. How about you go in-game and look for yourself

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