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  1. I can tell that video you quoted from Joce was old from the gecko. I saw you hopping on the server...
  2. Wow fun event guys! I’m happy I was there participating on medic... oh wait

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Free my homie Grego, the mans is at best capable of RDM and VDM. #FreeGrego

  3. I remember a situation regarding this rule...
  4. The guy under me posted a virus!

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    2. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      i hope that virus will randomly pop a dick pick into my snap :kappa:

    3. Xlax


      @m o n s t e r you know it will 

    4. m o n s t e r
  5. @Ryan how was Boonie hooking me up in custody
  6. Where did this go?


    Hiding things I see...

  7. I thought @Mane o7'd?

  8. dcd40f5a5b2cb86d7f903ff887df1bf4.png

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    2. Vcx


      spastic staff always complains when they don't have enough evidence to bans someone then doesn't want to show evidence when they ban people because their evidence is shit and just want them banned. 

    3. Excision


      for a light RP server you guys do take this shit seriously.

    4. Mighty


      Ive heard a lot of people complain about panda lately, now I see why lol

  9. I guess staff don't have to follow this rule...e203f99fec3737f51d3063e878186104.png

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    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Easy for you to say right? anyways hindsight is always 20/20 although even if that was the case this shit post would still be made because I wouldn't show him the evidence it's fine though I will still do my best to get him unbanned.

    3. Richard


      I am not saying it's easy.  But this is the role you chose to hold.  I personally make these decisions on a daily basis.  I also see these status updates happen way too often for staff to not learn from their mistakes.  It's insanity!

    4. Excision


      this is olympus, go play another game for 6 months and ull be unbanned.

  10. I thought @Crenshaw was joking about me being perm'd cause of the name being spelled wrong, but I guess am perm'd for "scripting" even though I've never used scripts in Arma. 


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    2. Madnesss


      #freegrego he dindu nuffin

    3. Unjo
    4. Monks


      I knew you used to cheat on cop, lyin son of a gun...

  11. Congrats @ThatNerdyGuy you finally made it!

    o7 @Crenshaw you were weird anti social little PO, but you turned out just all right 🙂 

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