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  1. @Fraali hates gay black people

    ChrisGG would be disappointed

    1. Fraali


      Why would anyone hate a person or people based on skin color? It makes no sense tbh, this @Fraali guy sucks if he does!

  2. Holy shit when did the forums get so fucking hot 😩

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. eggmasta


      we need to normalize looking at gay black men

    3. Mike Lit's stupid ass face
    4. eggmasta


      preach brother!

  3. Not reading this, Olympus is dying, I’m positive it’s entirely your fault
  4. Dont worry im trying to win so you wont see a single bengal on my roster
  5. I was thinking about trying to make a fantasy football team for Olympus. Football season is some months away but I wanted to see if anyone was interested. Also if anyone wanted to do like a small buy in. I’d say the only rules would be that you actually had to manage your team and not have 3 players on bye week every week.
  6. I’d personally have to argue that nobody cares and if you get banned you are only doing yourself a favor
  7. We are requesting a review on the ticket my group opened, we have a literally confession of the murder of a restrained player. They don't deny it, the server rules need to be enforced. 

    1. SecTranLive


      Player has been dealt with the appropriate administrative action. Please be sure to leave any proof you have submitted up for at least 2 weeks in case we need it for further review. 

      Thank you for the report.

  8. Fuck you @Mike Lit

    1. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Nice profile pic.

    2. Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      Thanks man. Nice dumbass face 


    No PMC's were harmed in the making of this film

    1. Zakaloko


      what stuff you got out 

    2. Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      I was brought down to 80 HP and was dying of hunger and dehydration so I didn’t loot everything. But at the start of the raid I found 2 GPUs and a Tetris in Texho. I killed 3 players before this so I had some other stuff. But I got an RPK and an M4 of those idiots. As well as 2 of the best NVGs. I could’ve looted more but I was worried about dying from hunger lmao. Rest of the guns were stripped for attachments

    3. Zakaloko


      lol epic

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