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  1. And who knows if the 3 are even from the same woman
  2. Bro literally has a mortgage and 3 kids smh my head
  3. @ ThatNerdyGuy is the typa dude to keep a guy out for the whole season on his fantasy team

  4. @ Grandma Gary happy birthday muh nigga

  5. When you complete the punchcard in one sitting
  6. How’s it hangin






    my nigga

    1. maxg


      yo guys he said 





      the nibba word

    2. Venomm


      @ maxg hehehheh nibba

  7. @ Noahhh!  thanks for that time you made me redownload arma 3, record our gameplay for like 2 hours, upload it, and then never used it. You’ll always be a real one. Fucking piece of shit. Also fuck you @ Noodles:D

    1. Revise


      Was that the staged Bw and fed we did that he never used

    2. Noahhh!


      @ Mr Josh  I never uploaded it because my computer blue-screen bricked and I lost the footage. Maybe I would have been able to post it beforehand if I wouldn't have been lazy though. That's my fault man. Sorry about that.

      I did enjoy our conversation though. It was a fun time.

  8. @ ThatNerdyGuy  I hope Chase keeps up the production

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Same man, he looked good

    2. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      It’s just unfortunate Aaron Rodgers decided to put up 1 fucking point 

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      Rodgers just looked bad

  9. Over 100 languages and this man chose to speak fax
  10. I literally had to pick through your post history to figure out who you were with the name change.

    Nice job through Eau Rouge in Q3 bub

    1. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      Fuck you, Lando Norris is the best driver on the grid you fucking chimpanzee 

    2. codeYeTi


      Put russell in the Bottmobile and we'll see who wins

    3. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      George Russell got to drive Lewis Hamilton’s car and still couldn’t finish top 5

  11. @ Noodles:D is very sensitive about his recent sexual transformation

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