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  1. This is it ladies and gents. Bambino is putting in his o7. To all my fellow medics I will miss yall and wish you all the best. I wont be mentioning many people because I could honestly go on for hours about the friends I've made in Olympus. I have had many great memories with a lot of great people. But a few people I'd like to mention. 

    @Claysive @Richard yall have been great friends and great gang leaders. I had some of my best civ moments with yall. 

    @Slumberjack you're a great guy and you're gonna make a phenomenal coord. I'm glad I got to do the finest of RP with you and @Secret Agent

    @Shades @Gluxdator please. Never. Come. Down. Yall are the chillest most entertaining couple of potheads I've ever met. I've had some wonderful moments of laughter in the RnR and some hilarious memories. "Tell me when I'm close to the ground, I'm high and dont have NVGs" is still one of the greatest statements I've ever heard from a pilot while in the RnR. 

    @Rossco @Headless @Dank MeeMoo @Brolaf @doc (there are too many docs and I never knew your forum name but you know who you are) support team is dumb and should be disbanded. But all seriousness I have sat in tears with all of yall from laughing so hard at some idiots in support. Whether it was newbies or another member of support team. Yall are good people. 

    And last but not least @Coffee you will always be my dad and I will cherish the first time I flew a GhostHawk in the RnR whilst high as fuck. That was the single most stressful moment of my life. We had a lot of laughs and some good drives. #flightrevalASAP learn to land better. 


    Like I said I'm not gonna mention everyone and if I missed you I probably still love you. Unless you're a tard. If any of yall want to keep in touch with me message me. I'll be checking back and I'll give you either my snap or discord if you dont already have it. 


    Long Live BPM


    PS @Brolaf I am resigning from support team. 

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    2. Slumberjack


      I love you Bambino :cry::cry::cry:

    3. Grego


      Wow bambi! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!!

    4. Secret Agent

      Secret Agent

      sad to see you go bud.. you take care 

  2. Congrats big guy!!!!!!!

  3. @MAV will medic revives be comped? Not the money but the revive counter itself. Can't find if this has been answered. Want to know if it is possible
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