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  1. Nex is on route

    We're waiting, who gets it?
  2. Nex is on route


  3. Stop messaging me to call you cute in a status update.

  4. Nex is on route

    I can sell a mx tazer later for 300k cause im not really trying to sell it. But offers there.
  5. How is this happening again... Didn't you guys perm like 5 scripters to get rid of the hacker literally 2 hours ago.

    1. RDyer216


      I don’t think you understand how easy it is for people to make new scripts, get new IPs and steam accounts on the cheap, and don’t care if they do wrong to this community.  Never ending battle.


      Unless your boy Riiken as a super quick fix :D

  6. @TheCmdrRex Can you fix this script restriction that kicks me from the game almost everytime I spawn a vehicle.

    1. Danger


      I believe they are aware of that issue, things take time. It is Arma there are endless issues lol. They have a lot of their plate and it is trial and error to fix these things. 

    2. Millennium


      it only happens when you pull a vehicle, when another vehicle is in the spawn. So just wait for it to be clear then pull it

  7. Nex is on route

    I don't want that position, lets just say, im a temporary replacement until you guys stop receiving flak on the feds topic.
  8. Nex is on route

    You were driving on the wrong side of the road, and went around their checkpoint... they roleplayed it perfectly... @hawk youre welcome, im the new apd lawyer.
  9. Nex is on route

    Oh well then. o7 @Google
  10. Nex is on route

    Many people that cheat get unbanned, a perm is never a perm unless you threaten the D word or irl threats that are serious, or you openly hacked the server and forced a restart or some shit... if you appeal a simple cheating ban for using something on medic... then it will be lifted if you appeal after like 1 year.
  11. Nex is on route

    Id have like 25mill if I never started betting D:
  12. Nex is on route

    @Google I thought you shouldve been staff lmao. You unstable little guy you. See you when you get unbanned... 1 year later.
  13. ^^ Also looking more into plat and oil. So offer up.^^
  14. Happy B-DAY @TheCmdrRex! Maybe your present will be... lead dev? 

    Oh and theres this kid, happy birthday @Ryan

    1. Ryan



  15. Nex is on route

    Ill see you on medic my guy. :D

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