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  1. Our diamond shed on server two we made 50 mill from that in 4 days. If you dont think bpm will revive, I'm here for you Richard <3 you're pretty chill. I feel like clay is someone that cant function if he isnt a leader so... but the offer is open to all, we dont care if you're a career medic, as long as you contribute occasionally, ask turtle.
  2. Richard I dont like being toxic, but you wanna have a challenge to see who can get more money in a week? It will give bpm a chance to come out of the woodworks, and it will show the true efficiency. The drives really aren't as long as you think they are my guy. Also here's a pro tip Richard, a tempest device can gather oil. It's faster to do that vs, having a tempest fuel out. Only time they can pinpoint where you're going is when you are going to pro, also, you can drive in the woods to oil trader, no detection. I understand the cost per weight, but its virtually impossible to fill the shed and 3 4 craters and a 3 crater before we sell.
  3. *Evan has 2500 oil sold.* *Mutiny has 11k oil sold* Bet any money ill pass you by next thursday.
  4. 15 millions dollars made from it last night says otherwise we have 3 4 crates and a gang shed full rn with oil. Good luck fighting to take control of it again. I would legit like to see you fight to take control of it again, gang fights are fun... Ill see you in the battlefields
  5. Oh ive been doing it, just on a smaller scale, now we run it
  6. Especially with @ChillX and Mitchell. We got it under control.
  7. Just wanted to say... HEYYYYYY. Also, like the logo... @Bear828 GJ cutey

    1. Blizzix


      Hey. Sure the logo is nice, but it has almost been 2 months waiting for the actual logo (the one I have now was a unfinished concept I asked if I could just use in the meantime) and banner soooo...

    2. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      I havent really spoken to bear in a fat minute, so im not responsible. I think he got busy with school though.

  8. Lord forgive me for I have sinned... It has been 22 days since my last warning point from @MAV

  9. Nex is on route

    Any amount of tazers, pm me or post here.
  10. Title+I would like to get the house closest to oil trader as possible, PM me or post here. I want to get a neochori 4 crater, closest to drug dealer. Send offers. All server 1
  11. Nex is on route

    @ikiled @Fusah .... #Rex4LeadDev
  12. Nex is on route

    We're waiting, who gets it?
  13. Nex is on route


  14. Stop messaging me to call you cute in a status update.

  15. Nex is on route

    I can sell a mx tazer later for 300k cause im not really trying to sell it. But offers there.

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