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  1. Nex is Retiring

    I mainly just want it on civ, if they can add a skinned version to apd, then a non skinned regular black can be added to civ, like they did to the regular offroad covered.
  2. Nex is Retiring

    @TheCmdrRex Why is the offroad comms not available at a rebel outpost? I feel like everyone should get it, medic, apd, civ. I was really disappointed that it wasn't added.
  3. Nex is Retiring

    So idk if they did something again recently. But on a post that bralls was talking in I called him out. And then all the admins and mods went off talking about all the legal action they could take against all the hackers on Olympus. So they stopped hacking because they didnt want to ruin their life due to childish retarded shit, so they O7ed, but this was like 2 to 3 months ago so idk why this post was made AGAIN today.
  4. Nex is Retiring

    Looks like a bowl of fruity pebbles that are turning soggy.
  5. Nex is Retiring

    I may try it in 22 days when my name change is available.
  6. Nex is Retiring

    What kind of sick joke is this. I want more downvotes than what Ryan just got on his post, its possible boys, hmu.
  7. Nex is Retiring

    You all better tank my fucking rep I swear to god, or I will start shitposting everyday.
  8. Nex is Retiring

  9. Nex is Retiring

    @Grandma Gary is the GTA server gonna be a hard RP server? Or soft like the arma servers?
  10. Nex is Retiring

    I am disappointed that this man stole my video.
  11. Nex is Retiring

    Don't you guys do this during the summer already? @Ryan
  12. Nex is Retiring

    REALS slumped low since the break from the TE ally I tell ya. We ran frogs with 14 hemmts and got out alive. And now youre using 11 tempest devices, processing with them, and selling with them. that's pretty small dick shit there.
  13. Wow Nex, hope you had a good birthday. Oh don't worry, it was alright guys. :3

  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. Nex is Retiring

      Nex is Retiring

      Thank you. :3 

  15. Nex is Retiring

    I'm waiting on who won still lmao.

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