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  1. So Olympus is still not dead sadly. I ain't making no return, but I'm curious. Is there still the like weekly hacks that would require rollbacks or did you successfully threaten everyone of them with legal actions. Because that was really the only thing that made Oly shit. That and DB, but I see that theres 2 DB people that blatantly broke half the rules in front of admins, are now the admins so maybe nothings changed.
  2. You say it like I was affected at all. Good thing you guys got away with the streamsnipe though, cause you cant live a day without this shit server.
  3. I haven't touched this shit server in 3 months, how's your pathetic life going? Making money gains irl? Putting your 2k hours on olympus into your work resumes? Didnt think so. Enjoy going nowhere in life db trash.
  4. Glad all you staff have realized that DB is just full of biased cancerous either middle aged 30 year olds or 13 year old british kids. That do not care about Olympus, all they try to do is have fun for themselves and make everyone else have a shit time. Hell I remember like what, 3 months ago, back when I played, when majestic and other db tards, along with @DeadPoolwere streamsniping riiken, and TE for a solid 2 months. Nothing ever happened to them, because its DB, and they all got eachothers back, especially since they had staff wrapped around their thumbs. Its a video game so, in the moment, I didn't give a fuck, I moved on with life, check in on the Olympus forums maybe 3 times a month to see the shitstorm unfold. And im happy to see it may be dying soon, or may be just purging the inner cancer. Mad respect to the staff lads that said "fuck DB and fuck being biased cunts.... o7 Ryan, good fucking luck" Mad lads they are. IDK who led the resistance, but @Hadi Mokdad and other people that I cant @ because the @ is broken now for whatever reason. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  5. I mainly just want it on civ, if they can add a skinned version to apd, then a non skinned regular black can be added to civ, like they did to the regular offroad covered.
  6. @TheCmdrRex Why is the offroad comms not available at a rebel outpost? I feel like everyone should get it, medic, apd, civ. I was really disappointed that it wasn't added.
  7. So idk if they did something again recently. But on a post that bralls was talking in I called him out. And then all the admins and mods went off talking about all the legal action they could take against all the hackers on Olympus. So they stopped hacking because they didnt want to ruin their life due to childish retarded shit, so they O7ed, but this was like 2 to 3 months ago so idk why this post was made AGAIN today.
  8. Looks like a bowl of fruity pebbles that are turning soggy.
  9. I may try it in 22 days when my name change is available.
  10. What kind of sick joke is this. I want more downvotes than what Ryan just got on his post, its possible boys, hmu.
  11. You all better tank my fucking rep I swear to god, or I will start shitposting everyday.
  12. I am disappointed that this man stole my video.
  13. Don't you guys do this during the summer already? @Ryan
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