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  1. Dont do this to yourself. Lil Bill was at least able to admit his mistake (which I honestly dont blame him due to circumstance), so dont try to make up inaccurate shit. Let's keep to the point at hand and not the petty stuff.
  2. Including a spangle taze prob isnt a good idea when making a point.
  3. Like I said, not always that clear cut. At this point we already had minimal numbers and had 2 officers (corps) taken. So my best bet was to try to push and lethal the one with the tazer and hope to God get them unrestrained. I think through time we will get better tactically with it. The only real issue I have with it is that feds and blackwater were already so easy as a civ. At least in my experience. Now without senior Apd on, it can easily become a cake walk.
  4. They don't lose 6 v 1. These guys get taken in a one by one manner. For instance: I was tazed during a fed last night. I knew where the cops were taken from their voices so I cut the corner and got shot from behind by 2 people. I then take cover and start fighting with the 2 members only to be tazed from behind. Unfortunately it's not always avoidable. If they can take one cop per wave they are going to take over fast. Not saying cops shouldn't push on a more tactical level, but it's not always that clear cut.
  5. Just because there is no fed or bw doesn't mean they are sitting around having a campfire. Fights happen everywhere and cops can't respond to your calls. It's very rare I find myself not in a fight on cop and if I'm not I always make sure someone responds to hostage situations. Plus, if you hit your panic button across the map, by the time we get there I guarantee you are already a hostage and long gone from the location. Unfortunately it's not as easy as just making it to you when you ask.
  6. From my 3 feds/BW and 3 times being restrained from being tazed in the back, I 100% say it has made doing feds/BW way too easy for civilians. I understand why it came about and how it makes sense that a civ could realistically restrain a civ. Hell, im 100% OK with it in the cities. I dont believe it should at Feds/BW/Jails though. If anything.
  7. I vote yes, but solely for Sr roles showing and to the right side of the name. So at least both sides are getting what they want for the most part.
  8. Can the hospitals, cop and medic textures, etc be an extra issue? Maybe so. That doesn't change the amount of times I've texture bugged at old moonshine cartel with 0 medics and cops around. Doesn't change the amount of times I texture bugged on the exile servers for simply being next to a tree. Anyone who blames the hospitals on all of your texture problems is ignorant. To blame them when you're near them, sure. The issue is some of you blame frame drops and texture bugs on hospitals and medic/cop skins when you get bugged somewhere completely isolated from those things It's obvious some of us have it way more on Olympus than anywhere else. That doesn't change that the root of the problem is in fact not Olympus. Ive acknowledged that some of us have it way worse on Olympus. I'm not denying that. But in the end it's a Bohemia side issue. There are people all over the world on all sorts of servers complaining about the issue. I'm more saying that the root of the problem lies on Bohemia and Olympus side can only do so much.
  9. 18? Was he soft logging instead of restarting his game after each texture bug? If so, that's his own fault. It doesn't matter how many times you say "it's only olympus". It is literally not only Olympus and the proof is all over the place. I've been texture bugged on 3 different exile servers, asylum, and obviously Olympus. Do a lot of people get the problem the worst on Olympus? Sure. That doesn't change the fact that the root of texture bugs is on Bohemia and not Olympus since it happens elsewhere. What your friend should have done was logged every one of those 18 texture bugs and sent them to Bohemia like they have requested so they can fix the problem. Complaining 10x over on one server's forum will not fix the problem.
  10. Headset is starting to meet it's maker and Keyboard is WAY passed upgrade. Hit me with some Headset(wireless preferred) and Keyboard suggestions!

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    2. Berg02


      corsaid k55- k95 depending on ur price range

    3. yobson


      corsair k70 keyboard

      hyperx cloud 2 headset

    4. Bow


      Get a DAS Model S Ultimate or KBT Poker 2 :D


  11. Congrats @snipeZ Plz help us all :KappaHD:

  12. Congrats on that fat promotion!@DarwinsMisfit

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    2. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      its okay it was hilarious. I was doing literally nothing and then that happened and I died laughing. Survived somehow too

    3. DeadPool1337


      When your blacklisted.....







      HAHA deadpool lol

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday Dante!


    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Thanks man!