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  1. The shops will have the same things they had before. The difference is before you bought the DLC, if you bought the item you didnt have DLC for, youd get pop ups all over and if you put it down or put it in a bag/car, you wouldnt be able to pick it back up. With the DLC you can buy and use as you please. Go Karts are available to everyone now. The Go-Kart NPC to buy the go karts is located at the Go-Kart track near the Air field.
  2. @Peter Long's Ice Cream truck didnt texture bug me. There may be some hope!

  3. I mean, it's the shooter's job to make sure he will be heard. If he is trying to yell at you from down the road, he is wrong. If he is using verbal engagement he needs to be close by. If the person is arguably too far, they need to send a text for engagement. For instance, if I'm at the kavala gun store and see someone running passed the church headed to kavala square and I say on a regular voice "hands up or die" and expect them to hear me, I'm wrong. If I know his name and think he might not hear me, I should send a quick text, wait 5 seconds, then shoot from the distance. When in doubt, prepare a text. If im you I'd record. If you absolutely hear no engagement, it's worth reporting. If they say it from down the road and expect you to hear it, it's their own fault. IRL if I gently yell down the road, more than likely the person either can't hear me or has no idea what I said. Also, not hearing things after 6 meters sounds like your end. I can hear people a lot further than 6 meters and I have nothing special of a headset.
  4. @Tman15tmb You just haddddd to come in and talk about it didnt you. I was doing good. Now I caved. 


    1. Danger


      Assuming this is about LA Noir?

    2. DanteFleury


      "Install- L.A. Noire" at the top left didnt give you the answer? xD

    3. Danger


      Ahhhhhhhh I didn't see the picture I wasn't on your profile. Good call 

  5. @G.O.A.T. your Srs need you. Example A. Sgt. Aladeen.

    p.s. We blew up



    1. TheRealKyle


      textbook hot drop IMO well done @Aladeen :4head:

    2. Danger


      Mistakes were made.

    3. Aladeen


      I think this is a perfect hot drop

  6. One of the most consistent and personal staff members I have encountered in my time here. Thank you for everything you have done for this community and cant wait to see you around kavala sooner than later. o7 Bub!
  7. When 'Career Medics' try to land like anything but a medic.
  8. Here you go pal


  9. Since your favorite thing is to write things backwards for no reason at all. !yadhtrib yppaH

    1. DaneG


      :P !nam sknahT 

  10. police

    It really should be easy to use Blindfolds in a manner that it needs to be. Unfortunately people will abuse it like anything else they can. If I catch you at kavala square,there is literally no point in me blindfolding you for the trip to HQ. Even if it's Black market, weed pro, or office building. I'm obviously taking you back to kavala HQ. If you're a high dollar bounty and I catch you in pursuit and have access to a helicopter, I'll blindfold you and bring you to a random HQ that probably isn't the nearest to me. Once we land, I will pull you out, bring you to wherever I'm processing you, and take off your blindfold. Also, other cops. Please don't blindfold someone until they are actually being transported. Don't blindfold them right after you restrain them in the middle of a fight. That's how you get killed and they are stuck with a blindfold. Use your common sense and it won't be a problem. Continously abuse the blindfold and we lose them.

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