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  1. Recently there have been a unnecessary number of threads with topics relating to the 'death of Olympus and 'lack of staff attention' that have been no help in discussion and only harm the community. If you don't have time to read the whole thing, you can summarize the post with the red text Firstly, I would like to point out that the entire staff works voluntarily with absolutely 0 pay. Each staff member sets aside time to look at each report submitted and make a decision based on systems and rules that are set in place. In order to achieve their position, each member of the team has shown that they both wish and are willing to provide their unbiased and honest opinions on everything. They have also proven that they will only do what best for the community based on their positive commitment to Olympus. With that said, we the staff hold you the community accountable to make sure we do our jobs. While the forums are a place for free discussion, they are not open for abusive and inappropriate behaviors. We love the feedback we get from you guys. With that said, there is a place for everything. The forums should be a place to open discuss topics in the community that effect the community as a whole. However, It is crucial to note that any individual concerns with any senior members of a faction or staff, such as player reports, should be handled between the members of the parties involved and not displayed to the rest of the community. In these situations the only people that can help you are those who have the power to do so. If you do not agree with any decision made in the ban process you are more than welcome to talk to the staff about the decision made. If you have a problem with a moderator talk to an Admin. If you have a problem with an Admin, talk to a Senior Admin. The reason for having different ranks within the staff is so we can be held accountable. In the end the staff makes a final decision, but that should not prevent you from communicating with us if you do not agree. With the above point covered, using clickbait title like "OLYMPUS IS DYING" and "SERVER IS DECLINING" do not help the community as i am sure the post intend to. If you do not want to see the community die then it is in best interest to not provoke the idea it is. The only way to improve the server is to provoke constructive conversation to generate useful ideas, not provoking negative conversation deterring people from the community. For those that genuinely want to see the server thrive: The staff has Bi-Weekly meeting entirely set to have a discussion on how to make the server better. For the brief time that I have been staff there has not been a meeting less than 2 hours long. Everything discussed revolves around how we can make the experience for those on the server better. Often what you the community post on the forums is discussed as well and is usually the driving factor. For those that are concerned about certain areas of Olympus dying should know that the staff and developers together are working to produce content to revitalize dead areas and open new ones. However, these ideas do not form overnight. On both the development side and the staffs end we have to ensure that the ideas are what the community wants as well as ensuring the updates are as flawless as they can be. In short, we love the feedback we get from you guys. It is just asked that you do your part to ensure it is useful and appropriate Make sure to tune in to Peter Long's Podcast Tonight at 8pm EST. It will allow us, the staff, to communicate with you guys as to where Olympus currently is. EDIT: I just want to add that my inbox is always open. I don't want to speak on behalf of the staff as a whole, but if there are any concerns anyone may have they may feel to be neglected or overlooked, just PM it to me.
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  3. When you've been shamed for 8 years and you get to turn the tables and no one can handle it.

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      Det. Payne

      wait, am i actually allowed to have an opinion contrary to that which is forced upon us by the media? is this.... change?

  4. Multiple Sr. APD being promoted and moderators/admins being promoted. The server has been around for 2 years. It's going to have to cycle through members at some point. Bubaloo was once at the bottom then worked his way up in the same time people were leaving . Doesn't mean the server is dying.
  5. o7 man. Always seemed like you had a blast doing your part here. One of the big inspirations for becoming staff myself.
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  8. Mass message like a forum post? Seems as though we're already here...
  9. Not the place for player reports, ban appeals, or complaining about staff decisions on individual matters.
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