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  1. Submit and new request here: http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ It's under "News Team Application" The team is still currently in late stages of development and most documents are not accessible to the public.
  2. Can confirm 11.2 is not correct
  3. Need a carry in H1. 

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    2. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      you need to be carried and H1 and Rocket League... god damn

    3. DatBoiMystic


      will carry 4 money

    4. Garrett


      7 minutes ago, DatBoiMystic said:

      will carry 4 money

      awful player

  4. *Knock Knock*


    Anyone Home?


  5. I haven't said anything conflicting them. Their main point is you wont receive a ban. My point is that these rules should be kept in mind as they are rules that are usually overlooked but now deserve more attention with the hotfix.
  6. It's all good just pull out a ghost hawk and the nowadays the civs will run screaming OPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  7. https://gyazo.com/d00d633692d69b15f65c4bff49ce8f79

    The popular vote may lean one way but in the end the electoral college decides.

    1. DeNiaL


      Where is the vote for this? like thread?

    2. Goodman
  8. The News Team is Bias! Always WRONG! Can't stand how they only see what the staff does wrong. Never covers our good side! SO SAD! #MOGA

  9. I will admit, I do look forward to the news team's open criticism to the senior administrations and staff. A group that will be able to formally analyze decisions made within factions and community rather than to try to gather feedback from a large angry mob complaining. 

  10. In the recent hotfix civilians now have the physical ability to restrain a member of any faction at any given time. Currently the staff and the senior administrations of each faction are trying to figure out how this update will effect each part of the community and wether or not new rules should be implemented in response to this. Regardless of your opinion on these matters, it is crucial that everyone keep the current server rules in mind while these things are being sorted. If you plan on using vigilante gear or experimenting with this new feature keep in mind the server rules, most specifically these two: Chapter 9 Section 2 Subsection 2 "If using Vigilante gear you are bound to the Vigilante rules." Chapter 9 Section 6 Subsection 2 "Vigilantes should never interfere with what an APD member is doing." For The Complete Server Rules:
  11. -__-
  12. Looking to hand off ownership of these old things if anyone wants to re-open them for a side project. Just PM me and well talk.

    Items Listings

    Real Estate Listings

    They even come with thumbnails!

    1. Jesse


      Why don't we get real estate subforum?

    2. Goodman


      Not a bad idea. I just used to use these cuz it was easy to have everything and compare it all in one list. Plus people seemed to use it often. Just throwing these out there if anyone wants ownership.

  13. Happy BDay JPEG!

  14. Hey! People can see the meeting post! Lets make a big deal!