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  1. Sorry the APD gets spammed 24/7. I dont even look at my 911 anymore unless its a terror or some shit. Too many troll kids, dont have time for that sorry mr. Medic. Its a medics job to be aware of a situation where you might be taken hostage right.. All i want is a 5min cd for 911.. and ill be happy.
  2. Replace big tower. Remove NW cartel and we gucc Any big tower is a lag fest.. and soo manyy fkn exploits you can do in them. Last of my input, im outy.
  3. APD no longer has control with the city of Kavala! The Civilians outnumber my officers weapons and persons!  Send help Trump!!

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    2. Stelar


      Build a wall to enter Kav?

    3. Jordan540


      Build a wall and make [KS] pay for it 

    4. RambleR


      +1 jordan! hahahha

  4. Imo take away the north west cartel above meth pro. My reason, castle has only one jump spot up unless dropped in an orca. Way too ez defending imo.
  5. im no wizard how would i know :)

  6. Go back to asylum forums linka 

  7. Happy birthday tom, i remember that athira rebel raid with ya. You were just some good random player. 

  8. Walked away chopping 5 ifrits and 6 orcas, good ass fights r/complexity tonight!

  9. Dont cry to me when you die rolling with another gang. Aint my fkn problem.

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    2. Ignis


      Next on the Real Housewives of Olympus: @RambleR raids Meth/weed cartel with a different man. Stay tuned...

    3. RambleR
    4. Matt The Savage
  10. Welcome the APD's new Sergeant !@DarwinsMisfit

    1. Edge


      You have been here for a long time @DarwinsMisfit long deserved. 

  11. Made an asylum account to post on andrews montage. First post i make i get moderated >.<

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    2. Snare


      what did you post?

    3. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      It's not moderated, when you create a new account it's like the three first posts have to be approved to prevent spammers.

    4. RambleR


      Ohhh that does make sense, all i saw was this red box saying i was modderated haha

  12. Good thing i bought over 100 csat ghillies.. jk i wish i did
  13. Ham is the youngest and more mature than 99% of you fucks. Berg.. just stop, lucky i cant say shit publicly about you
  14. My boy danger coming back strong! Grinded his corporal back from scratch, got moderator and now senior RnR!! Keep up the hard work brotha!!