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  1. How many people ate shit off that line? I can clear a 60-80ft table top, but hate exiting the gate !
  2. Hard work pays off i guess.. lol.

  3. Worked perfectly! Thank you very much! Shout out to brennan/joel for the help as well!
  4. @Jesse@Peter Long@McDili After updating my TS3 client to 3.1 i cannot enter olympus TS servers at all. i get an error ** The TSDNS server '' does not know 'olympus.ts.nfoservers.com' ** https://gyazo.com/cdc2fe0bd2a160898dc4d1c1dfdd1f4f - The Error https://gyazo.com/c2611b95fcfb4796f29609fd685ef5cd - showing info should be correct https://gyazo.com/3d152051d0fe8ece28fe7b38c4cd4f9c - showing info should be correct https://gyazo.com/0d8e3635a62c2d8044aa2ef7cbd4ea8d - Tested two other TS3 servers, both worked fine. I'm No computer Wizard so any info would be appreciated, as for now i'm stumped
  5. Ghosthawks/gokarts and meme shirts on me kyle! Happy birthday brotha 

  6. No one ever does runs on s2 Even VoA has one dude scouting outside for their runs xD If yall really wana make money. 2 people per orca slung with a truck boxer. OP af
  7. deleted.
  8. WTB S1 house within 1k of any rebel or garage within 2k of any rebel. Hmu

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    2. Pocketoli


      "honestly, do people read nowadays?" I didnt offer it, but im done responding mong



      He's wanting a house. like... He requested to buy a house and receive offers. but instead you simply say you own a house near Sofia rebel. Like..................... why? you aren't offering, simply stating you own a house. That's real helpful for Rambler. Here. I own a house on the server you're not looking for. But wait, I'm not offering it, just saying I have one.



    4. Fedot



  9. Lol. Im done Kills ~50 people, lucky i dont hanibal lecter tie your ass up and drag you to jail immediately. get what you give, simple as that.
  10. Teaching people how to play the game >.< RP is so open ranged it can be endless training. RP comes from experience and COMMON SENSE. Class dismissed.
  11. apd

    I love the "MC was here" xD
  12. Does FoV affect your player scope AND view? Increased FoV looks op af in optics, but i love my view on my character far away in 3rd person which i cant depart from