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  1. I don't know, It was already pretty easy to dick on the APD, this seems to make it way too easy to handicap them; kill everyone but the lethal, then taze and restrain. Rinse and repeat. I like Tman's idea, take the vigi spar out, if they use a bigger tazer it's because they earned it.
  2. We've got some pretty juicy things in store for you all
  3. Congrats @TheRandomOne on Editor-in-chief!

  4. If you go here http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ you fill out a ticket under News Team Applicant, same way as APD or R&R
  5. The vermin is a marked improvement from the sting, it's much better and makes being a deputy a lot easier. It still shares a lot of the downfalls of the sting though, with also having less penetration. All this really means is you can't be ballsy as a rebel and try to rambo deputies like you could before.
  6. that's what I download at, so there is a throttle if 70Mb/s +/- doesn't make a difference on steam.
    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Thanks mann. Dont worry. You+me and Conan is happening ASAP. Ill come be a potato for VX in fights too dont you worry

  7. @Muthinator You keep missing the point because you want to defend your creation to the death; your hospitals look great, they do. But, they cause performance issues. Are they the only things that do? No. Are they something we have the power to fix? Yes! They won't fix the texture bug issue because that's a larger issue, but it just possibly might help alleviate the texture bug in certain areas. This is all about trying to get as much performance as we can considering we can't permanently fix the issue.
  8. The OP clearly states hospitals aren't the only cause. You cannot deny they fuck with people's systems, to alleviate the already texture bug high environment Bohemia has left us with, take out all the unnecessary stuff in the hospital. It looks great, but we need the extra performance. It's not that big of a deal.
  9. Hospitals are an issue, you can't deny it. This is an issue we can actually fix, why not fix it?
  10. bigPat the scientist +1
  11. yeah, sure