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  1. Actually it was McDilis frequent use of interject =P
  2. People making new accounts to pad the stats in their favour is hilarious....and will also be discounted ^_^ That is both for and against.
  3. When you're done selling those if you could patch the dupe you used that'd be great. ^_____________________^
  4. So you would assume their gender just from talking to them? O M G
  5. Fedot doesn't believe in girls full stop cause HE IS FAT AND CHICKS DON'T DIG FAT
  6. He is Swedish and a faggot. Swefag is the PC term.
  7. Can confirm. He doesn't like SWEFAGS.
  8. @Sociopathic Why do you never respond to my forum messages?


    1. Fedot


      @Grandma Gary WHy did you block me on steam, Never reply to any message on any platform. and why do u hate me dad

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      You're adopted.

  9. Shout out to all the celebrities that survived the 2016 culling. 

    1. Fedot


      that dude from home alone?

  10. 506583d6e0b688a7678d82f605576a57.png

    Still can't send messages. Any help would be great....

    @Tman15tmb @Peter Long @Dezree @Doc @Bubbaloo Burrito @Ares@Poseidon @McDili


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    2. Sociopathic


      @Trumper How about you shut the fuck up? :)

    3. Trumper


      @Sociopathic i'll pass bruh, just remember no ones gives a fuck if you can't message anyone

    4. Sociopathic


      @Trumper then why are you still here?

  11. Hostage situations are a means to free stuff. A 5 minute stint in jail is only going to add 5 minutes extra to the issue. As illegal stuff goes hostage taking isn't even the worst thing people can be doing and they don't go straight to jail for the majority of that. Hell they have to murder 15 people or break rules for the other situations to kick in.
  12. Pleb Civ: I WANT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND GUNS AND BITCHES AND A JET. APD: No BRAP BRAP jail. Who thought this was a good idea?
  13. That seems heavy handed in the extreme given that hostage situations favour the APD already so much. Granted it sucks that they have to respond but they just say fuck it take the shot in pretty much every scenario.