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  1. Is that some stupid Stanford sweatshirt?
  2. police

    Don't get your knickers in a twist.
  3. Who the fuck dug up this ancient Dinosaur?
  4. Where is Bow in that channel?
  5. I only wipe accounts. I don't wipe butts.
  6. I understand the server is getting stale for some people but that does not mean the community is dying. Last time we tried a server wipe it almost killed the server and took months to recover. That said, we go through this drama every year. I've been a staff member for a little over two years now and I have seen this drama happen on more than one occasion. Its always after Winter break or Summer vacation. Same shit, different year. Just because people go back to real life does not mean the server is dying. Not everyone can afford to play Arma 3 as much as some of you guys.
  7. Remember what happened last time we tried that shit..
  8. Dammit Steam! Why do you always have to have weekend deals?! I can't pass up buying the complete addition of LA Noire for $8. -____-

    Fuck you and your amazing sales! Always making me feel obligated to buy shit... Fml. I wonder how much money I have spent on Steam? Probably best that I don't know.

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    2. DanteFleury


      Its the detective game where you have to judge people's answers for honesty, lies, etc. Too bad we never saw games take the idea and really utilize it. By far one of my favorite games of all time for that alone. Made you feel like you werent just following the storyline. You had to figure it out the easy way or the hard way

    3. Sociopathic


      You made me buy LA Noire

    4. Tman15tmb


      Good. It's a great game! I played it multiple times and it still doesn't get old. Partly because I'm a stoner and I forget most of the story line lol.

  9. Black Water and Fed robberies aren't meant to be easy. You're breaking into a government facility. You would be lucky to come away with your life.
  10. How about everyone puts away their small dicks. Thank you. If any of you get off by talking shit via the internet than you guys honestly need to grow the fuck up.
  11. Maybe someday I'll be able to get on the forums and not have to read about someone bitching. That would be nice.

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    2. Plumber


      There's nothing I hate more than unappreciative judgmental children that do nothing to help people but they're quick to complain.

    3. Tman15tmb


      It would be either "these(plural) forums" or "this(singular) forum". Hopefully you can use this to further develop your knowledge.

    4. Sociopathic
  12. Sweet video.
  13. Dammit Moob. Ares lasted longer than you haha. I understand life gets in the way though. Make sure you don't work too damn hard. Hope you the best buddy. If you want to give me shit, you know where to find me. ^__^
  14. When you know you're being a dumb ass.
  15. Alright, lets keep shit semi appropriate shall we. You do realize this server isn't only for males. Females play on this server also. Keep the immature comments to yourself. Thank you.