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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAlY_T8mhEQ&t=1s

    Gary? Is that you?? Oh wait.. It's not Gary because we would see a fireball. Nvm, sorry Gary!

  3. I'm technically a corporal and I'm one of the worst shots in the game. Just ask @NiNo Brown or anyone that has killed me countless times. Not all corporals are amazing tactical shooters.
  4. No, trying to defend a federal building should not be an impossible challenge for the cops. For fucks sake you're trying to rob a federal building. Its not supposed to be easy.
  5. Again, you are failing to realize that Feds should not be easy. Everytime you taze and restrain a cop in a situation like a Fed where back up waves are simulated you are taking out the necessary police presence. If you break into a Fed there should be 50 or more cops responding to that situation, not less than 25. Feds were never meant to be easy and I understand you hold a heavy biased opinion because you preciate the fact that the APD is broken in Fed situations. The nature of it is that these issues need to be balanced out.
  6. You're comment is amazing like always.. "Oh shit someone holds a valid point! I better comback with a contructive comment." "Get Better Scrub!" "There, that should make it so I sound intelligent." -_____-
  7. Deputy's and PO's which is the brunt of the force do not have access to lethals. In a normal Fed situation you would be lucky to have 4 corporals and maybe one sergeant. You would be high off your own ass if you think that out of 15 or so cops only five of them having a lethal option is fair.
  8. My biggest problem with cops being restrained at Fed events is that you take out the simulated police back up units. By restraining cops and limiting their numbers you are basically making it where only a few cops can respond to the situation compared to the large number of cops that should be responding. Unless we can somehow spawn in OP AI that simulates a greater police presence I don't see Fed robberies being a difficult task for rebels. It should be a challenge to break into a Federal building. Currently there is no challenge. Armory spoils and gold bars should not be free for the taking.
  9. Fantastic logic haha. Clearly you have no idea how unbalanced Fed events are currently. The rebels are basically getting free gold and gear and cops can do practically nothing to stop them. I understand a lot of people that play as a rebel like winning and they don't believe Fed events are broken. Rebels don't want any rules preventing them from getting their free spoils so most of them are going to be biased and pretend like this shit is perfectly fine even though they know there is a clear advantage. Cops may as well pull a ghost hawk on wave three and shoot at anything that moves.
  10. Now that its 3am, off to bed! Time to wake up in 5 hours. My sleep schedule is so fucked.. ^___^

    1. Silton


      i know how a broken sleeping pattern feels. GL!

  11. You have to admit even if some rebels acquired their guns through robbing a cop before this update pushed, a lot of civs have bought a SPAR 16 and have robbed cops a lot easier than when the Sting was the only non lethal option available for purchase.
  12. How did the rebel acquire the MXM without first using a SPAR? I would be shocked if they chose to use a Sting instead.
  13. The real question is, now that CSAT isn't a big issue should we take the SPAR 16 out of the vigi shop sense its being abused? I would say if you took 10 players from the server that choose to use the SPAR 16, only one.. maybe two of those players would be using a vigi gun for legal vigilante purposes. It's clear its getting abused. "You abuse it, you lose it."
  14. 12 Units of Time.