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  1. This is great haha. Thank you so much for being respectful to that guy. Wish more people rolled like that. Loved how the shirt was gone on the second encounter hahaha.
  2. Tomorrow will be the day I've been waiting for.  About 4 years... Wish me luck guys..

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      Yea rumor has it if you don't take my warning point off you will fail tomorrow....

    3. ShadowXbeast
    4. TheCmdrRex


      Any update on how it went?

  3. K
  4. I read this like 6 times and still have no idea what you just said.
  5. PLEASE SUBMIT A..... JK I lol'd
  6. Yeah, people are getting really worried and upset for no reason I think. It is as Rex said pretty much. Not everyone with a strange name or gang tag is going to be banned or anything lol. Just relax. When staff decided to implement this, it was mainly because there was really no where in the current rules that specified any type of limitation to how ridiculous a name can be. We like funny, unique, interesting names and gang tags. Gang tags will be a little more regulated, sure, but in a reasonable way. I've only ever kicked like... 3-5 people for names that were just too ridiculous. All of them caused issues. Which brings me to my next point, You are wayyy wrong here. These are the names we are focusing on, or gang tags like dashes or ' or something just completely irrelevant to your gang name. You say that this diminishes from RP? In fact it aids RP. Sending a text saying hands up or die by the "Example Gang" and then dying to some guy name - dudeface, makes no sense. At least people now should be able to accurately state demands and whatnot now. "Hands up or die" is not very good RP but you can substitute that with any demand or RP and clearly see where the issue might come up. If a tag doesn't represent your gang, it isn't a tag. Back to names, A cop trying to process a guy named IIIiilllililililli or mmmnnnnmnmnnnnnnnnnnnnsdssds is just annoying. ESPECIALLY when there are two of them. The other day there were two people with the IililIlilii1i11il names, running around breaking rules. One, the staff have a really tough time actually administering punishment to these people, and two, if they were to be caught by the cops... say one was caught and the other was not ... Imagine how annoying it is to try and tell the difference between the two. It's possible obviously, but a waste of effort. Pick a proper name and stop complaining Most of you posting here and griping about it have never had the issue so I'm kinda scratching my head at the fact that you feel the need to whine about it... but I digress. Relax. Enjoy your time. I imagine it will still be quite rare we actually enforce this rule to the point it comes to a ban. The point is, now at least it is stated in the rules to use common sense when trying to pick a unique name.
  7. These things don't happen over night. Some projects are still ongoing. Though to reassure you, we think these are good ideas too
  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. fail

    Please speak with the Red Burger vendor for compensation
  10. Well it's a start.
  11. Any time I'm arrested, I know I'm caught so I'm straight forward with the officer who is processing me. Generally when you are relaxed and not trying to make up unrealistic excuses for murders and thefts and shit, everyone even the officer tends to be more relaxed. He/she knows they are getting a ticket so they ease up and have a little more fun and RP more. Basically just relax, RP that it is really happening and talk sense. Be cool to the arresting officer and he will be cool with you... If not well... Dont get arrested?
  12. Worked pretty much all through the holidays. Ready for these next few days off. lol

  13. DAMMIT, I've been baited
  14. Cool story.