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  2. Wear a nice suit!
  3. TeamSpeak down?

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    2. reno walkins

      reno walkins

      since this is happenoing with some people and im on the eastern area, can we still hop on medic?

    3. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Yes, communicate everything through group chat.  Keep each other updated.

    4. Isaac Newton
  4. My day at work was shit-tastic. 

    1. Joel


      Tomorrow's Friday buddy, Let's get through this week together. 

  5. Happy birthday @Ninjaman427 and @Odin !!!

    To Ninja, I read what you wrote.  You know what I mean, and I appreciate it.  Apology accepted.  Happy birthday :bender-dance:

  6. Congrats on 15K members! @Poseidon :happygary:

    1. yobson


      thanks, i worked hard.

  7. I agree with this suggestion. I like how they offer the array of different sizes on one amazon page. Also, the VG248QE (the monitor linked that is over 200) IS WORTH IT if you save up - but is not in his price point.. I own it and it is a beautiful monitor Great features as well.
  8. This guy wins, gg! That was a fun forum mini game lol.
  9. Happy Birthday @Mr Liam !!!

  10. You thought the RnR couldn't get any better?


    Stay tuned.

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    2. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Status is referring to RnR growth in general and implementation of new seniors.  Solid work from the team lately (like always of course).  Efficiency is at an all-time high.  Though we do not always agree, we damn well get the job done in the end.

      Fly you fools.


      Oh and I can give people rides again in my ghosthawk and let them ride gunner because no moar bullets :D

    3. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      Since I joined R&R it has really formed into a community and I'm lovin it!

    4. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      discontinue the R&R and add defibs

  11. god tier build m8
  12. I agree...
  13. Get over yourself. Server rules do matter and you better follow them. That goes for anyone. If you submit a ticket and there is not sufficient evidence to ban that person, we are not going ban them. If there is any doubt, there is mostly a piece to the puzzle that we would need in order to gain a full understanding of the situation being reported. There are only a handful of admins and mods to manage hundreds of people at any given time. So, we do our best to act diligently in such a way that both solves problems and remains a fair system. It is because of this system that the server is still growing and still flourishes - despite popular opinion. Most of what i read in your post has no grounds or facts tied to it at all. If we banned everyone for every shred of evidence that was produced, there would be no more players left lol. Admins and moderators do an EXCELLENT job if I do say so myself, of literally being detectives and getting down to the facts of the situation. When we ban someone they have a chance to appeal it because again, we have a fair system. But most of the time we are pretty certain when we choose to dish out punishment. Our goal is not to ban, but to resolve problems and hopefully pass good judgement and help others be successful and have fun on the servers. So re-evaluate how you want to go about making this argument. If you don't like the way we do things tell us how to do it better, don't complain about it in a poorly constructed post with no rhyme or reason except to complain that your RDM ticket was denied. How's that for a "drone comment"
  14. Ban appeals need time to be reviewed. Be patient. The banning moderator or admin may have other stuff going on or live in a different time zone. Or, they may even still be investigating the case. Best of luck.