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  1. Doesn't that many ranks make things confusing? I'm not being sarcastic I'm honestly asking and wanting to know that with not so high numbers do you still find use with that many ranks?
  2. Rip @Vacant :( You will forever be my favorite LT

  3. So are you saying treat it as when someone lockpicks/goes into your car?
  4. @Kanger was the forefront of KYS
  5. Was that when KYS was bannable?
  6. What does the red text say in your teamspeak logs?
  7. It's supposed to be random, and future questions will involve Olympus history, in-game mechanics, more random bs, and etc.
  8. Happy Birthday @Garrett!

    1. Ramennoodles


      @Garrett0 years old!!! Seems old enough to get at it on the forums;) Happy birthday tho!

  9. This of the beginning of a series of trivia questions that will be posted periodically, each question holds a in-game cash prize depending on its difficulty. The game is simple, first one to answer the question will win. Now for the question; "How many meters is between Kavala church's parking sign and the Athira DMV's water fountain machine?" I will make a comment quoting the winner, and the winner will have to make an arrangement so I they can receive their prize. Good luck!
  10. Support team is here to help. I suggest purchasing this so next time you won't have the aftermath of a great shit. https://www.squattypotty.com/ Also, another shit post
  11. My Cmr is definitely not worth 1.5 million lmao
  12. You old man @The Mad Russian, sorry for stealing your sergeant gear ;) Have a good birthday man!

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    2. Ignis


      @heyday He may or may not have been the first sergeant to go down...

    3. fugi


      but i look dam good in his uniform :D @Ignis @heyday and happy birthday @The Mad Russian6ae9d084de9a07dd02558bb8321ada36.jpg

    4. The Mad Russian

      The Mad Russian

      lol looks good on you...