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  1. Come on people. Think. What update has Bohemia ever came out with where they haven't fucked something up? Give it time. Strangle infants or something to pass time.

    1. bigPat


      ill stomp your dick in the dirt before I hit an infant ya fook

    2. Plumber


      Possibility I like it rough so bring it on!!!

  2. Chapter XI - Illegal Areas
  3. Plumber, you replied to my ban appeal about 4 days ago saying that you may reduce the ban as my mic was on mute. I was wondering if this could still happen??



      How long is ban?

    2. T.Eager


      10 day but i am on my 5th day 



      Oh... well.

      1. Rip you.

      2. I recommend going in to the ban appeal channel on teamspeak. Put plumbers name and your ban appeal number in your name. You can send him a message on the forums to let him know you want to follow up on the appeal. 


      Although this is more of of a personal thing between the two of you, so I recommend not posting as a status update. Otherwise, good luck to you I guess.

  4. Well I could give you 12 mill for the times I roasted you. Or instead of 12 mill i could give you a straw instead. So you can suck it the fuck up you prom night dumpster baby. HAHAHA
  5. HAHAHA. That's what I'm here for. Motivating people to play longer and be more active. Yeah I'll give you your payment. Activity gets you to far places. 4 mil minus the bitch part so 3 mil. Minus calling me a pussy today so 2 mil. You being a poopy face so 1 mil. And last but not least. You being a big old virgin so after that it comes out to you paying me 2 mil. I would like to receive my payment as soon as possible. Just kiddin. That is hilarious though.
  6. Congratz!!

    1. Plumber


      i appreciate my dude!

  7. @LuckiCongratz my man!!!!!! Nobody deserves it more!!!! One more spot to go.

    @Dangerwho the hell cares. Just kidding congratz to you as well. Now go out and do great things even though your still a waste of air haha

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    2. Bow


      You mean two spots

    3. Danger


      Everyone has to be good at something...

    4. McDili


      SAPD's got some pipes that need cleaning...

  8. I got banned for rdm and I don't know why didn't do anything wrong

    1. Plumber



      Hit new request and submit a ban appeal. Fill it out and submit. This is not a place for it.

    2. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      If you think you were unjustly banned and/or want to appeal the ban, please submit a ban appeal ticket. Click SUPPORT At the top right of the website. Then Click New Request. Fill out the required form and be sure to select Ban Appeal in the drop down menu. Once you have submitted that, go to our TS: and  wait in the Ban Center. Make sure to change your TS name to Your name-Staff member's name-Ticket Number. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit the support center in our TS.

  9. This is not a place to be putting something like this. If you want to submit a ban appeal please do it in the support section.
  10. I'm sorry but this is insufficient evidence. The video isn't 5 minutes long. I'm submitting a ban appeal right now and demand trial by combat!
  11. The forums is not a place so be pointing fingers and addressing your personal feelings towards an individual for all to see. If it upsets you that much you can talk to him in person on a man to man level or I can see if we can get some kind of counseling bots in the servers that way you can settle it that way.
  12. can you get on ts

  13. When we gon play sum RL????

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    2. Goodman


      Just now, Joel said:

      Real Life

      Rocket League.

    3. Joel


      No dip Sherlock 

    4. Plumber


      Whenever you get on son. I haven't been playing it lately but I was playing the shit out before this week. Got a badass car and rim from the crates you get now.

  14. Thanks to everyone that participated in the events tonight. No matter what happens there's gonna be a few rocky moments in getting in started but just try and be patient because there's a lot of preparation that goes in making them. We hope so do more events in the future. We will mix it up like we did tonight so everyone doesn't get the same outcomes in events. Thanks everyone. 

    1. skavenpete


      What were the events? Would have loved to take part 

    2. Goodman


      1 wave tazer defuse... GG

    3. Plumber


      That was on server 2. Me and Talindor had a criminal escort where the cops had to deliver him to the jail. The cops won so we then made another where the civs had to escort the criminal to Athira rebel. Both sides got 2 striders and there was a lot of civs so it was lit.