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  1. Your dog is cute af

    1. Outcast


      Did someone say dog?

    2. Rossco
  2. Plumber

    And the toxicity is real. For your information you ass I am level 8 special. Level 7 was last year you big dumb.
  3. Great. Literally sabotages the server so he can fix it to get promoted. What idiot would promote @TheCmdrRex? Is this how we die? :P

  4. About damn time shitter l8r kid!

  5. o7 shit head. Olympus should be safe now

  6. If you wanna come back, the toilet is clogged in the staff lounge.

  7. o7 you will be missed. Hope to see you around. Hit me up if you want to play some games.

  8. Hey owner you know you're not fit for the community right?. You're asking people to take time out of their day to hack the servers (which is hilarious by the way). I'm a simple minded person so I only see it from my perspective. I don't try and see the behind the scenes. I just judge and continue to complain even though the labor put in attempts to stop it is more than most people would do. Even though half the people complaining are scriptors and have ruined the game play for other people themselves. But as my simple minded self said. It's you owner. It's your fault the servers are behind hacked.


    Sound stupid? So do I. You all need to chill. How about expanding your horizons a bit and stop sounding stupid. You refuse to acknowledge the fact that Ares and the staff are doing what they can. A few people who don't go outside have dedicated all their free time to hack the servers because in the end they were raised in a basement and have never felt the outside air. Ares and the devs are busting their asses so how bout while you're watching your Veggie Tale move you attempt to stop being so simple minded and take the time to realize the effort being made.



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    2. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      No offense @Plumber, but I know Civak would pass the Corporal Test. Both y’all need to chill tho

    3. buckie


      yall are fucking aids i respond to this once and get 30+ messages while im trying to sleep some of yall needa take a page outta my book and smash ur keyboard until it doesnt work. ty

    4. Viper


      Who else thought they were going forum famous until they read this shit post. 

  9. Never got any money for my mohawk comp request, idk if its a glitch or something

    1. Millennium


      he could have also comped u with the mohawk itself but idk

    2. LukeTheSup


      You can make another Comp request.

  10. Im in support ts move me

    1. Drama


      Only employees at Bohemia interactive can help you sorry

  11. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  12. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  13. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

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    2. Jopple123


      @Plumber get in ts now

    3. xanx


      Worry not, I killed them 14 times lul. Ran them outta my town 

    4. Fuzz^


      15 minutes ago, Plumber said:

      Yeah they sent me a pizza so I decided to unban them all. Sorry. 


  14. A Division 2 clan had been made. Called Olympus APD. @Pledge is leader / maker with myself and Hylos as the LTs. If you want to join hit us up.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Plumber


      6 minutes ago, TheoryB said:

      is the game worth it for 60?

      I think it is. It's better than the first one. I'm enjoying it.

    3. CocoisDead


      Can i join :) 

    4. Plumber


      8 hours ago, CocoisDead said:

      Can i join :) 

      Yeah. Anybody can. Just message me your origins name and once I accept you I'll invite


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