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  1. Took me 7000 minutes and a month and a half to get PO when I was told I was doing well. took me 27000 minutes to get corporal even after I dedicated nothing short of 100% to be the best officer I could. took me around 50000 to get into the senior APD and now a LT. Even if I didnt express it I somewhat thought as you even though you're blowing this out of proportion. Took me to getting senior APD to realize just how much thought is put into the APD and APD players to make it as enjoyable as they can. I never expressed my disagreements in this kind of manner before I was senior for a reason. It shows just how unready you are to be in a leading position. Things don't go your way possibly because of something you've done or something you've not shown but instead of attempting to seek out what your lacking you decide to point fingers instead. Expressing disagreement in a civilized manner is fine and we respect and listen. What your doing is pitiful and again shows just why your not in those positions.
  2. Everyone is staff have lives and work to do just like any other normal person. We don't get paid to do this.
  3. Yeah what he said. Fuck the admins and all the staff that run this server....oh wait.
  4. When you attempt to talk shit but your sentences make no sense. Guess you left your intelligence back in 2nd grade grammar which apparently was the highest level of grammar you passed.
  5. Only reason you like burritos is because it's yet another thing you can practice deep throating on you Peter puffer. haha thanks my dude!
  6. Wouldn't affect the staff in any way. I don't do anything anyways
  7. Tonight I'm playing my Arma drinking game I made up. It involves robbing players all over and certain rules when you have to drink. Anybody will be invited
  8. Hopefully haha. Thanks brotha I really appreciate it
  9. A post especially for me?? Your too good to me. Haha thanks buddy I appreciate it brotha! The drinking will start soon right after work
  10. I hope you have an extra virgin day today... with plenty of dicks.

    1. Plumber


      If the virginity part was true than plenty of dicks wouldn't matter. Can't say the same on your end you dude banger.

  11. Fuck you.

    1. Plumber


      Want to?

  12. Whenever you question if Battlegrounds logic is as bad as Arma


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nikoteen


      One reason why I stopped playing.

    3. Corporal_Moob


      Unfortunately by comparison ARMA does not have shotguns. 


    4. Plumber


      Yes but I feel like if they did have shotguns it would go down a lot like this.

  13. Never heard of a random ban. But I have heard of Bans when you break server rules. Instructions are above
  14. That hilarious moment when someone who has been on the server for 30 seconds thinks he knows the rules and regulations better than people who have been on just a little bit longer than him....or a lot longer. My advice to you is instead of coming here to make a fool out of yourself why don't you go to the support room or go to somebody that knows what they're talking about and ask questions and clarifications or some things. Or just read the server rules and APD handbook.
  15. grats dude!!!!!

    1. Plumber


      Thanks my dude!


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