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  1. Im in support ts move me

    1. Drama


      Only employees at Bohemia interactive can help you sorry

  2. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  3. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  4. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

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    2. Jopple123


      @Plumber get in ts now

    3. xanx


      Worry not, I killed them 14 times lul. Ran them outta my town 

    4. Fuzz^


      15 minutes ago, Plumber said:

      Yeah they sent me a pizza so I decided to unban them all. Sorry. 


  5. A Division 2 clan had been made. Called Olympus APD. @Pledge is leader / maker with myself and Hylos as the LTs. If you want to join hit us up.

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    2. Plumber


      6 minutes ago, TheoryB said:

      is the game worth it for 60?

      I think it is. It's better than the first one. I'm enjoying it.

    3. CocoisDead


      Can i join :) 

    4. Plumber


      8 hours ago, CocoisDead said:

      Can i join :) 

      Yeah. Anybody can. Just message me your origins name and once I accept you I'll invite

  6. @Tree

    The staff will have to respectfully deny this request because we don't give a fuck.

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    2. Bloodmoon


      Toxic :DansGame:

    3. Drama


      That’s not going to go over well when peter sells the server to @Bojo

    4. Bojo


      1 hour ago, drama said:

      That’s not going to go over well when peter sells the server to @Bojo


  7. PSA: @Kyle Lake Once snuck into a locker room to snap pictures to post online. Was later arrested once authorities found the pictures online were the 8th grade boys wrestling team. 

  8. PSA: @Ignis once got caught with his pants down trying to screw a 2003 red mustang he called Steve. 

    1. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      Did he send a photo of it to the snap group?

    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Steve was only a boy

    3. iPopsicle


      I thought it was Lightning McQueen D:

  9. Ur name is lovely

  10. If you haven't yet. Get Origins Premier and download the new Anthem game. Can confirm it's fantastic. Pretty happy with how this game turned out.

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    2. Plumber


      2 minutes ago, Vis said:

      I am thinking of getting it, does it run well on your system? How good of a system you need? How should I get it, buy it or with the origins crap?

      It takes a good system to run it because it's such a big game with so much going on. But it's better to just get Premier Origins. The game itself when it releases on the 22nd alone will be $75. You can get Premier for a monthy and try it out or just get Premier for a year because it cost $100 but you'll basically be getting your money back. Not to mention all the games you get like battlefield, battle front, and assassins creed just for having premier.

    3. Vis



      Lets see if EA will fail me once more

    4. Plumber


      3 minutes ago, Vis said:


      Lets see if EA will fail me once more

      Add me and Eggman on it. The more people you have as friends that play it the more all of you contribute to your alliance which puts more coins into it. You spend those coins to get better gear. ThePlumber93 is my Origins name

  11. Plumber

    I mean I personally wouldn't care. Bbuutttt you know how it is on here so probably not a good idea
  12. Plumber

    You have barely 1700 minutes on the server and in that short time frame of you being here you've already managed to get banned twice in a period of a week in a half. So before you decided to make a post like this how bout making sure you're in check first. As for the shit you're excusing him of I'm not going to take a word of someone who obviously doesn't know or want to follow the rules to go on a rant pointing fingers at the owner. If it wasn't for him you wouldn't even be playing on these servers so how bout piping down and correct yourself before you decide to go on a rant. If something goes wrong he attempts to make it right by comping someone more then they would usually get. And he has the power to instantly revive them. Again see if you can go two weeks without getting banned. If you can then maybe come back and go on a rant
  13. Plumber

    Oh god no. RIP all bunnies
  14. Plumber

    Most probably saw this coming. Some did not. This marks my end on the APD. Been apart of the APD for bout 3 years straight. Watched the APD develop and was always happy to be apart of it. Despite some of your opinions I can tell you personally that the SAPD have never had anything less then the best interests. I won’t bother with all the O7s because today everyone’s getting them. I’ll still be on Olympus and the plan on assisting the APD whenever they need help. It was fun playing with you all on the APD. I’ve been a SAPD member for a long time now and have enjoyed watching a lot of you develop into great leaders. I am not worried what so ever because I know the SAPD will continue to make the APD thrive. Don’t run with scissors. Drink milk. And always wear your seat belt.
  15. @Ryan I don't think people like you. Well guess I'll join in. Eat shit

    1. Ryan


      That’s the nicest thing you said to me :wub: <3


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