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  1. Happy birthday.


    One of the best chiefs ever imo.

  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086814779/
  3. No pressure but if I don't win then expect a package to your house.
  4. Fear not my child. We will simply make a new plan. Except we won't be so kind on the next one. It shall be a genocide! You ever saw the Saw movies? Who do you think gave them those ideas? I will literally kill you
  5. Unfortunately so. Seems both you and me were forced into bad positions.
  6. Well it's that time. Going 5 years on Olympus and almost 3 of them being on staff. Time for me to take a step back. There's reasons for the step down and it is what it is but I see no point in grinding tickets week after week. It's been a fun time with some fun people. I know some of you may have some bad opinions of staff especially if you have a one sided mind but I can promise you they do everything they can with the tools they have. Sometimes things on Olympus can get hectic and they work their asses off trying to fix any problem that comes up. I'm not too big on the tagged people because that's just too much typing especially when I'm still going to be around. I've made some good friends on here and have had some of the best times playing Arma and other games with all of them. Again I'll still be around. I don't plan on going anywhere so I'll help out anyway I can. Always up to play shit so you just gotta drop me a message and I'll be down. Due to the my work schedule I'm usually on in the mornings and then late a nights. Don't run with scissors. Drink milk. And wear your seatbelt. Just remember. All of you can eat a dick. Much love.....and hate. Plumber
  7. o7 shitter dont blow too many peoples brains out on the job :( 

  8. o7 My guy, wish you the best.

  9. o7 bitch, dont commit any homicides while your gone

  10. o7 man :(

    I'll miss you

  11. And the toxicity is real. For your information you ass I am level 8 special. Level 7 was last year you big dumb.
  12. Great. Literally sabotages the server so he can fix it to get promoted. What idiot would promote @TheCmdrRex? Is this how we die? :P

  13. About damn time shitter l8r kid!

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