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  1. @Eggman doesn’t like eggs. Happy birthday feg

    1. Julian
    2. obeymatt


      Wow toxic member of the community clearly , perm ban for toxcicity given 

      Please go to https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ and submit a ban appeal regarding the issue.

    3. Savage
  2. Takes a 50 content count to upgrade to ‘member’.
  3. Currently my shits are: Then and
  4. From getting P.O. tests delayed to senior support team. YIKES. 


    Congrats dude @Jamie

    1. Jamie
    2. Julian


      I thought 7.62 couldn't go through go cars and look at me.You go Jamie;)

  5. @McDili kill him please
  6. Lord have mercy who OK’d this! @Kurt a corporal. Yikes

    1. Kurt


      LOL glad we’re on the same page here.

  7. Happy birthday homie. 

  8. Welcome to the team @Wong @housekitty ;D

    1. Snare



      Edited by Snare
    2. Snare


      Oh I thought this was support team that's why I said eww grats on sapd tho :)

  9. That’s a fancy lookin name you got there

    1. Arigato


      Exceptionally gay

    2. Dαɳƚҽ


      Chill out black 

  10. Welcome to the team @Stuuurrt ;D

  11. Dante u join a beta house?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dαɳƚҽ


      See how quick they become Dante666

    3. Mustache_Schultz


      34 minutes ago, DΛПƬΣ said:

      See how quick they become Dante666

      Abuse confirmed?

    4. Savage


      I want someone to have a forum account as Fleury or how ever u spelled it and just be toxic as fuck so everyone sees that the other half of u was the toxic half

  12. Disable 'stream friendly UI' in the game options. That fixed it when @Arigato lost his side chat. All that does is turn off side chat text from other players. Not the whole side chat.
  13. APD(VX) Quad Gang


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheoryB


      Wasn't this yesterday where I shot yall from the back of a quilin, good times.. Someone had to put an end to the tom foolery. 

    3. Dαɳƚҽ


      Nah this was a few hours ago.

    4. Strugglebus


      Not enough SAPD in this picture for this to be VX 


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