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  1. @hawk I told you, congrats bro!

    @gomby Happy for you!

  2. Nerdy

    In Soviet Russia . . .
  3. It’s a bright sunny day(at least here on the east coast), go outside with your friends and family! I went Strawberry picking this morning!

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    2. DeadPoll


      Its thundering and lighting out. Cant go outside. I cant stay inside cuz of the dodos

    3. Nerdy


      @Redmer So I’m autistic saying that it’s a nice day outside and encouraging people to enjoy it? Btw if 21 years old classifies me as a kid then what classifies someone as an adult. 

    4. Bahamut


      48 minutes ago, Redmer said:

      jesus some kids in this community are autistic as fuck

      Someone is a little grumpy

      30 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

      Its thundering and lighting out. Cant go outside. I cant stay inside cuz of the dodos

      Arnt dodos extinct

  4. Thanks to everyone that helped me out with Twitch streaming the past 2 weeks or so.  I just got the email that I've been accepted into the Affiliate Program!

  5. Happy for you! @ChrisGG Don’t spend too much time golfing. 

  6. Nerdy

  7. Nerdy

    Probably because you’re a child
  8. Nerdy

    Dafuq, it's not like I said that in game. I can say stuff like that in a cop channel, ts is not grounds for rp. Hell, I can say stuff like that on stream. You can't say I role quoted when I didn't do it in game. You don't make sense. Well, then I formally apologize, sorry I was upset that you RDM'd me and that you didn't know the rules at that time.
  9. Nerdy

    wtf are you even talking about?
    1. Viper


      Thank you! And i'm gonna have to eat one of those  :Kappa:

  10. Nerdy

    I’ve heard admins call someone a mong and some even worse than that. I wasn’t necessarily calling you a mong, but the act you just did by rdming was one that was just straight up dumb. Edit. You say about reporting for harressment, yet on your gang recruitment page you called a guy "stupid AF" and "a lower IQ than Lady Gaga". How about you finally learn the rules after being on the server for a year and a half, don't bitch and complain when someone gets you banned. Then you won't have to make a post questioning why you got banned.
  11. @MaldenLife I'm proud of you. Congrats!

  12. Nerdy

    Is this the EA Press Conference?

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