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  1. So who had UMBC beating Virginia?

    1. heyday


      Putting Maryland on the map

  2. Some pretty good feedback. +1
  3. All you guys talking about perm bans and bullshit, I’ve been on this server for 2 years without a ban. Don’t break rules/dupe/exploit like an assclown and you wouldn’t have this problem. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. obeymatt


      Someone give this man a sticker 

    3. Paco
    4. loser123


      I played for 3 years without a ban until the server changed and the mindset of players became different and it was about skill and not about having fun.

  4. Thanks for the insight . . .
  5. Motherfucker

  6. $5 for all of them.
  7. Defense wins the NBA All Star Game, who would’ve thought?

    1. Snare


      Really good game to watch glad they changed it.

  8. I just watched Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and it really wasn't that bad.  Out of all of the Prequel movies it is most definitely the best one, probably up there near Return of the Jedi and the two new movies.

    1. Jaster


      agreed i think the new movies are better however i think revenge of the sith is actually pretty good

  9. Nice update! Only issue I've found is that Mine from Device doesn't work on Device's.

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