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  1. this means @Badger didnt break any rules @Pledge

    1. Strae


      that's deadass the first thing i said

    2. destruct
  2. Mako

    tfw i get 2 @'s feelsgoodman btw not justified ok sir @Peter Long
  3. imagine deleting a status update because you whiff more then the person you called out lol

  4. my favorite taliban killer @buckie and my favorite taliban member @ikiled happy birthday autism incarnate and chocolate princess

    1. buckie


      thanks man u know it

  5. happy birthday 2/3 pocket admins named Ryan @Ryan @TheCmdrRex :wub:

    1. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  6. Mako

    GOAT literally got banned for RDMing in a redzone as a cop prior to this which stuck only due to staff being faggots regarding the situation @iPopsicle, if you don't believe that people are going to abuse their position to keep controversial players banned and use it to demote them you're delusional. This shits honestly a joke.
  7. Mako

    wow man cant wait to get banned on cop for a disciplinary by a medic for breaking a cop rule or some shit sick @an overweight giant retard @Fat Clemenza
  8. Mako

    good choice for a designer glad you came back around for it nice lad too
  9. Mako

    Just so we're aware it was agreed upon HALF A YEAR ago. This was when civ council was first founded and when I was told it'd been passed I literally ignored it because Blackwater was balanced in terms of risk and reward. Seems to me like there are still issues regarding representation of the APD with there having been a chief change. In my opinion as someone having been a part of recent federal events there has never been a time of greater imbalance and this handbook update won't fix that. For final note it was going to be intentionally ignored until I was forced to add in a solution, personally I don't think Dante or Peter were expecting 3 towers literally a 75% increase from the vanilla amount. I don't believe they would have approved of what you've done the same as @Pledge and @an overweight giant retard.
  10. Mako

    Goodbye retired Apple Lieutenant Tyler SIR. You'll be missed kid.
  11. loving this new wasteland server glad we decided to make this instead of altis life

  12. @rapidaax happy birthday just remember that you'll be charged as an adult for the amazon shit now lmfao

    1. Mighty
    2. rapidaax


      thanks makoa :wub: 


      ps: not if they don't find out


  13. tfw I didn't realize you got corp @Creepy :pog: now bo duke when @Pledge

    1. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      4 units of time

  14. Mako

    Faction Command APC added (Weapons disabled) APD Chief NOT Whitelisted for use RnR Director Whitelisted for use Head Admin & Owner Whitelisted for use Hefty cost of $1,500,000 base price per vehicle (not including upgrades / insurance) Why does the price even matter if the only people with access to it have unlimited money? lmfao

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