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  1. Happy birthday big dog

    1. ArX


      ty panda


  2. I wasn’t talking about the guy that made the thread the guy that was bashing him for not having many hours we agree somewhat, obviously it doesn’t take 1k hours to realize what is boring and what isn’t but it takes more to care about how some events would impact the rest of the server.
  3. Dog you barely have 650 you’re talking why? are people not allowed to make suggestions?
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperRelatedDadThisIsSparta I got into tee grizzleys among us game as baby blick

    1. Airborne


      o7 @Horizon is about to become a professional rapper under the guidance of Tee Grizzly

  5. I have been strongly considering doing exactly this when I graduate from high school how is it?
  6. ffd085a912490ebafee77a67577d7d73.png

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    2. Panda smile
    3. Millennium


      It was in a status update and usually its vertical, but that ss is long horizontally

    4. gaz


      Jesus Christ is the one true god and trump is his messenger 

  7. Bro it is fucking impossible to do online school when u are from somewhere where all the teachers are brain damaged when it comes to computers one of my dumbass teachers made some classwork for me to do and has some chrome plugin required to do it and the plugin doesn't work and now i deadass cannot do any school work.

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    2. Hoggie


      Yh I do computing in the UK and the level of online teaching compared to face to face is fucking dog shit 

    3. Thick Mans

      Thick Mans

      it took me 5 hours today to do an online lab with my group since the retards told us to make our own online meetings and just told us to figure it out

    4. billdroid


      lol f u nigga

  8. pce was nice having you around. @xDRO

  9. Panda smile


    I banned you once for doxxing when u did but ok Was this meant to guilt trip me?
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