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  1. Conor really got milly rocked

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Meaning we'll probably see another Connor fight in the future. Won't want to go out on his back.

  2. Well... since we are putting our opinions yeah it looks like when he ran him over it wasn’t intentional but we don’t ban whether someone ran someone over or not the ban part comes in when you shoot someone after running them over and you can’t accidentally shoot someone like that. Whether I would have reduced it or lifted it after an appeal or talking to the person is a different story but I would ban for that. Don’t get it fucked up tho clay is spitting facts
  3. Dude this is just cringe please just get a grip it’s arma 3 my guy
  4. 07558964650dbb09f4f20a522f57f11a.png

    1. ooooooooo


      Believe it or not, 9x19 AP rounds pen straight through MAGA hats

  5. :peepoclown:

    1. Zakaloko


      @Panda smile why you permed me thinking I’m dripp dafuq 

    2. monsterr
    3. Drippp


      hey i see my name mentioned

      @Panda smile leave ppl alone kid i havent touched arma in months


  6. Do you play on a vpn or GeForce now
  7. Dude quits and is still here every single day. I guess Arma really is a drug I pray for your speedy recovery.
  8. This screenshot makes me physically hurt from the cringe.
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