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  1. Ladys and gentleman your civ council leader...
  2. It is different, as previously stated no one wants to go to jail in the middle of a good gunfight.
  3. Fine careers* Better? EDIT: This is not the point of this post. Lets move on.
  4. Im simply stating one of the many factors that kills cartel life. It makes people not want to go back and fight when the risk isnt just a loadout but 15+ minutes in jail.
  5. Tips & Tricks Following these tips will help improve your Vigilante experience. These can be applied here, as well as other factions. From the official vigi guide my guy. Im sure it says faction somewhere else in there.
  6. The tier rework just came through to 75 arrests, all the people with Spars still have spars. This will not change for a very long time. I know people that never fuck with the cops and are tier 4 vigis. They will not lose the license. How are they not a seperate faction? They can arrest civs and they are not police. They have specific rules that other civs do not have to follow. Come up with a better response other than get gud. They ruin specific parts of this game. Bounty hunters dont belong on drug running cartels. You dont see Dog the bounty hunter breaking into El Chapos palace lmao
  7. What? Every faction has there benefits and drawbacks, restrictions and permissions. Vigis should have more restrictions. The payout is way to high for very little risk. This is good to hear, im happy something is being done about this shit. Like I said previously as long as SOMETHING gets done about this life will be good again.
  8. They dont belong in warzone with cartels and people having fun fighting good fights. Im fully aware that vigis are a part of the game, but cartels attract a specific kind of player to play on these servers. When you let people go in and fuck up fun fights no one wants to play anymore simple as that. Im not asking for vigis to be overthrown and nerfed to shit. Im just saying to help cartel life out a little jeez.
  9. Sorry not everyone on this server is Connor McGregor and 1 taps 8 people with a single bullet
  10. Are you actually saying vigis in warzone is an ok thing? Jesus fucking christ
  11. What the fuck has happened to this server
  12. I dont care what is done about this issue as long as SOMETHING gets done. EDIT: Half the server should not be a fucking police force.
  13. Sitting on cap with some friends and an orca full of vigis drops on me at tree rock, all they do is grab me with an 85k bounty and leave. Fix warzone.

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