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  1. Like for real just low key waiting for this Borderlands 2 dlc to drop. Free btw :P

  2. Anyone wanna trade or give me some stuff on rocket league B)

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    2. Corps


      Hell yeah I play @Drama

    3. Drama


      Let’s play soon @Corps

    4. Corps


      Hell yeah man I’m down for sure! I’ll hit those DMs when I’m on next

  3. Corps

    I’m also bored at work, killing some time being a grammar nazi
  4. Corps

    He’s* it’s* also I know what he is saying, not disagreeing just fixing some incorrect grammar is all
  5. Corps

    You?* You’re*
  6. Corps

    Someone must have failed their deputy test
  7. This is the man whom is stealing all your hatchbacks via the blackfish mafia

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    2. John Wayne
    3. unbanobey


      hes stolen mine 53 times

      Edited by bread del bread
    4. i chop hatchbacks
  8. Corps

    sTaUs UpDaTe
  9. Happy birthday Mr. @Kyle Lake:lol:

  10. Corps

    Called out @Hadi Mokdad shitter
  11. Tractors!! Time for a wheat run

  12. Corps

    Well welcome back
  13. Corps


    Another one bites the dust

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