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  1. You're bad at hosting gang wars

    1. Trenton The God
    2. Ryan


      I mean he isn’t wrong you’re dog shit, L0L!!

    3. Millennium


      1 hour ago, Trenton The God said:

      ur mother

      @drama someone is trying to take all ur epeen and picture. 

  2. Trenton The God

    Rare @Pete Malloy sighting at 3:17 lockpicking a cop car with Officer in his name
  3. Trenton The God

    when is the update coming out @TheCmdrRex
  4. Only staff member fatter than @rapidaax good shit @Airborne

    1. Ryan


      hard fax

    2. Airborne




  5. Arma so boring they got dudes feening for tractors lmao

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Skys


      Olympus is so boring that you got people wanting to have tractors to rp fuck their siblings

    3. Millennium


      Are you telling me you wouldn't want to drive a tractor through Kavala and since you are so slow get RDM'd with ease?

    4. tacosmell


      I'd lowkey rather play mean greens than Arma at this point @Drama

  6. Trenton The God

    Shut up
  7. Trenton The God

    That’s what you get for being a bum ass vigilante
  8. Trenton The God

    apology accepted
  9. Trenton The God

    About time you do something @rapidaax
  10. Trenton The God

    hey tyler
  11. Trenton The God

    CROOK on GTA inc
  12. Trenton The God

    Former designer

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