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  1. why wouldnt you just simply TURN THE BOAT AROUND?
  2. hmmmm orrrr just read the rules/ handbooks for the faction your trying to join
  3. Titans was here first titans gang has never ended it was always a gang
  4. didnt you like just become a cop agian like 2 days ago?
  5. you need to put in an APD Absence request
  6. anyone wanna buy a 6.5 supp?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. kev


      7.62 doesn't even go for 5mil

    3. Fushigi



      thats how much IM selling it for feel free to go buy one from someone else for 1.5mil

    4. kev


      right! sorry man, good luck selling it.

  7. there is no way in hell this is a real post please for the love of god tell me this is fucking fake
  8. better not be any fucking talent points
  9. is this 5 or 6? see you in a week
  10. kek
  11. who's tail rotor am i going to shoot out now ):
  12. i got a 9mm and a 6.5

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