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  1. Cost to purchase? 5 mill One per server or just one between the two? One between the two Initial storage capacity Number of upgrades able to be done & associated storage capacity and price per level. idc Initial crate number Ability to add additional crates? (i.e. can purchase more "crate storage slots" (would be a new feature)) idc Gang level required to access Arma crates (if desired) YES Gang level required to access virtual items (Y Menu - Inventory) (if desired) YES Required number of gang members to purchase a shed, if any? 2+ Activity Requirement to maintain shed ownership? (Only owner can sell at this time...) 60 days Have the OWNER be online every so often like current house system? sureeee Require gang to pay a "monthly upkeep" NOPE
  2. youre legit not funny at all, just cringeworthy.
  3. I made a new post about this in the right thread. Can someone delete or close this thread please.
  4. Bump, still for sale. Current bid is 2mill
  5. i think 160k would be fair
  6. 1, as said in the initial post.
  7. Noted. Bidding ends Oct 30th or sooner if people stop bidding
  8. I am selling a 1 crater meth house that is under 1 KM away from the meth lab on server 2. Starting bid 1.5M https://gyazo.com/a14acc70ecfb98498f077a851ec1faa0
  9. rip
  10. thats so far away...
  11. theres no such thing as a 970ti you fuckin morons
  12. i've got pretty much the same build, it's great
  13. nvm I bought the one on server #2