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EMV application

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Hey Guys, I'm a Canadian player that don't like conflict[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1] imagine that[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1] id like to apply for a EMV position so i can roam around helping players and making a difference for the better of the server[break1][/break1] Im new to the game and i love the RP aspect of it but myself i don't like conflict so a neutral position like a EMV seem the perfect choice for a man like myself[break1][/break1] Thanks for talking time to read my demand and hope you favor in my choice of EMV over the civilian status[break1][/break1]

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thanks for the response and I have made my formal request at the proper location but ill keep this post up to introduce myself to the public of Olympus[break1][/break1] I'm a passive player so hopefully we can resolve anything without bloodshed[break1][/break1] See you online[break1][/break1]

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