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Locked Dear kids aka the egomaniacs having the gods power

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Let me teach you a simple ''atlis life lesson that many other servers adopt'' 

Comp or ban let me get revived or else = bannable! 

Fishing for report = bannable.

Comp or ban 100k or report = long ban

Impersonating a admin = long ban

Someone editing sound or way of capturing video so they make sure you never hear other people's voices in game = PERM


Seriously get your 10 incher off your bums. 

I've seen people get banned after they rp'ed and the dude asks him 200k more. He sends him 20k even though he did rp. He sends an edited 1min long video and gets banned

no wonder this is a toilet laughed at by every community

Remove those stupid COMP or ban signs cause you mongoloids clearly don't even respect your own rules which is beyond pissable.




But i got an ego

 don't call yourself a war vet if you never fought. That pisses me off. Sign in for the army and cleaning the shitters doesn't make one a vet

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This is yet another post from you degrading either the community or Staff.

A player does not hold the fate of another player that committed an infraction by forcing comp or ban on them, the Olympus staff will disciplined said player regardless for breaking a rule.

In some cases if the player breaks a rule and realizes this, offers comp and is remorseful, we take that into consideration, but that's on their own accord. 

Stop with these pointless posts pertaining to how Olympus staff operates or how the community interacts around players committing infractions, if you have any issues you can simply put in a ticket. This is your final warning.

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