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Locked APD Handbook Update 2/21/2017

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The update comes into effect immediately.

Chapter III - Use of Force

  1. Your First Weapon
    1. Your first weapon is always your voice. Always attempt to defuse a situation without firing a shot.
    2. If necessary, you may bring your weapon at the ready while continuing to use your voice.
    3. If the situation calls for it, you may restrain a suspect or civilian if your verbal attempts to resolve the situation have failed.
  2. Non-Lethal Force
    1. The use of rubber bullets (e.g. Police Pistol or Tracer Rounds) are permitted when a suspect attempts to flee on foot or in a vehicle, or presents any weapon.
    2. The use of non-lethal weapons may be used to disable fleeing vehicles by targeting the driver or pilot or their wheels or rotors.
  3. Lethal Force
    1. Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation.
      1. If you have loaded lethals during a situation against a single group and another group joins that situation, lethals are still authorized against all opposing forces.
    2. Failure of a non-lethal solution is defined by 2 failed attempts with a non-lethal option by the individual officer..
      1. Lethal loading waves are not counted until a Corporal or higher has gone through at least 2 waves.
    3. Lethal force may also be authorized when the officers are outnumbered by a ratio of 3:1.
    4. Rules of Engagement - “Do not fire until fired upon…”
    5. If at any point while executing the duties of an APD member you come under fire without prior warning you are immediately allowed to return fire with extreme care for life and property of the people of Altis until the situation has been neutralized
      1. NOTE: Exception - See Ghosthawk & Armed Hummingbird rules
    6. If two or more officers are tased during an active engagement lethal force is authorized against the group/gang that tased the officer regardless of wave.
    7. If a single officer is tased during a federal event (jail, fed, black water), lethal force is authorized against the group/gang attempting the event regardless of wave.
    8. If a server reset occurs during an active situation and lethal force was authorized prior to restart, officers may return to the situation with lethals loaded on rebels still at and/or fleeing the situation. Same reason as above, some rebels abused restart and cops would have to re-do non-lethal waves to get back to lethals which put cops at a disadvantage.


Chapter V - Hostage Situations

  1. A player may not be pardoned if their bounty is $1 Million+ or if they have an Escaping Jail charge and/or Hostage situation charge.
    1. If their bounty is over the above amount then they must request something else.
  2. The hostage taker may not force the APD or a Vigilante to send another player directly to jail as a request.
  3. The hostage taker may not request for APD to break into a house/gang shed.
  4. The hostage taker may not request an APD member to do illegal activities.
    1. If the hostage is an APD member that APD member can not offer negotiations.
    2. This means the APD hostage can not give you a pardon or money.
  5. The APD member may still drops items they have on there person if that is the request.
    1. An APD member, the highest available rank online, must delegate a negotiator and a text sent to the Hostage takers stating his/her name and intentions.
    2. Once done this APD member will be the one to speak with the hostage taker(s) for negotiation purposes.
    3. The negotiator entering the area must enter unarmed.
    4. The negotiator can not be taken as a new hostage nor may they be robbed or killed.
    5. During a hostage situation the negotiator may not restrain the hostage takers as they are there solely for negotiations
      1. If they are going to restrain said suspects, the suspects must first be in a taze state or have their hands up as per standard restraining rules.
  6. The APD may not enter the hostage area and immediately down the hostage takers.
    1. Any APD who enter must first allow proper negotiations before attempting to fire on the suspects.
      1. A Sgt or higher may make the call to immediately engage on the hostage takers if they feel they can remove the said hostage(s) safely.
    2. APD may setup shooting points but may not fire until negotiations have failed.
    3. If negotiations can not be reached after proper attempts then APD may enter and continue as per the server rules.
  7. If negotiations are done and both parties have come to an agreement once the situation is over then both parties are to go there own way.
    1. This means APD may not immediately arrest the hostage takers nor may the hostage takers shoot the APD involved.
  8. Any player who taseand restrains an APD officer will be charged with Hostage Situation and will forfeit their right to pay their ticket
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