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Locked Handbook Update 2/26/2017

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  1. The Hummingbird’s weapons are only to be used on vehicles that are operated by a suspect of a crime, or on vehicles in which a suspect is known to have boarded beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. If giving chase to a vehicle piloted/driven by a suspect of a crime, or a vehicle which is carrying a suspect of a crime, the pilot/driver is to be notified by text message up to 1 times to land/park the vehicle, or be shot.
    1. If the suspects surrender and APD attempt to land to arrest and the APD are fired upon by the suspects while landing then Hummingbird’s guns may be used without further text.
  3. While an APD member using a Hummingbird comes under fire by players within another Helicopter or ground unit, the Hummingbird gunners may immediately return fire without a text first.
    1. Ground units must still be sent the proper text before gunners can fire from the Hummingbird’s bench seats if APD are engaging.
    2. The Corporal or higher must be the one to give the directive to use the guns.
  4. If an APD hummingbird enters an area of engagement and/or is in the area where an active gunfight between APD and civs is taking place, the hummingbird may fire upon engaged ground units without sending a text (including ground vehicles).
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