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Locked Rule update for 7/2/2017 8PM EST

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This update will take effect tomorrow at 8PM EST to allow for some time for this to disperse within the community.


Chapter 2 Vehicle Deathmatch.

2.     Do not ram other vehicles for no reason.

  1.         If your intention is to collide with another vehicle for whatever reason (To pit, disable, immobilize, troll, etc.) that's fine. However, if you collide with a vehicle on purpose and because of the collision there is an explosion/death, then you may be found accountable and may be banned. You initiate these maneuvers at your own risk.



This update is to clarify our stance on VDM so that everyone has a full understanding of how the staff look at these situations and also so Staff has a better "Measuring Stick" if you will when we make determinations on VDM reports.

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