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Anyone else go hunting this year ? (IRL not video game)

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Title says it all... Just trying to get a feel for who all are hunters in here and as to what part of the world you hunt in.    So far this year has been great for bow season, and shitty for rifle,that is so far (seasons not over yet) when it comes to deer. Hopefull come spring I can get into the woods for some Turkey and Boar hunts.

Also what weapons and caliber do you hunt with.

I have a 10 gauge 3 1/2 mag & 12 gauge 3" for turkey and this year im useing my .303 enfield and kar98 for deer.... come spring ill have my 2 AR's finished, both are custom built ( ones an AR -10 stock caliber custom upper) the other is a 7.62x39 upper to swap out my current boar rig which is a .300 blackout( very good round up to 150-200 yards, after that it sucks at knock down )

Please no flame on hunters or hunting.

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NY .... is it even possible to hunt there lol thought they took all your guys guns and gave you BB guns back lol, I have 2 black powder guns (.50 rifle and an .44 pistol) but only went once with the rifle ... its my "last resort cant get a deer by end of season gun"  yeah heard some parts got 6ft of snow and more on the way .. thats batshit crazy man

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SC hunting I hunt with a 30-06 Mossburg Rifle. SHITTY SCOPE but farely good gun. AR-15 iron sights. Mossburg 12 guage. AK-47 shitty folding stock the one that digs into your shoulder. M4A4, .357 snub nose revolver. Berretta 9mm. Looking at getting me a Crossbow in the near future. I love hunting but sadly got nothing yet. #icrievrytime

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