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Oh whats up guys names Craig[break1][/break1] I have played on a number of altis life servers for awhile now and I must day this is the most feature packed server I have ever played on that also manages to keep performance at a playable level[break1][/break1] With that in mind I plan on sticking around here for awhile[break1][/break1] Typically I prefer a cop role but I can be a ruthless and creative civ at the same time[break1][/break1] I hate RDM its probably the thing that pisses me off the most in altis life servers[break1][/break1] If you want a death match go play wasteland, battle royale, or any of the COUNTLESS kill on sight game types ARMA offers[break1][/break1] Altis is about role play and that's what makes it so much fun[break1][/break1] When I pull someone over as a cop I am more likely to let them off if they make up some story about how they are a research assistant for Altis University and they are doing federally funded research on the local frog populations to synthesize an antibacterial for the people of Stratis then if you just shoot at me[break1][/break1] This game is about the interactions and the hilarious situations you can get into[break1][/break1] At least it is for me[break1][/break1] I look forward to playing with you all[break1][/break1]

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