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Johnny B Lake

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Howdy y'all,

Johnny B Lake here, just stopping by to say hi.  If you've seen me throughout the world, you may know how crazy I am already.  Johnny B Lake's my in-game name, I'm 33 and I'm a rebel, yet, I have no problem using my stolen police cruiser to take down bad guys like a vigilante.  I'm good, I'm bad, I'm me, so come get to know me.  When I'm not selling drugs, diamonds, or chopped cars, I'm normally strolling the streets of Kavala.  Nice to meet y'all!~



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Howdy Johnny, 


Selling drugs and chopping vehicles is bad!!! *Sadface*


Probably best we don't meet if you're getting yourself into that kind of trouble because I'll come down on you with the full force of the APD. Or the full force of a few Deputies and I.. Yeah, probably just that.


Nice to meet you anyway!




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Hah Marbles,

I may just have to change my tune around here.  I still use a rebel license (for now), but I've been looking more and more at that vigilante license.  Also been doing some legal jobs, which is new for me, LoL!  

Nice for you to stop by bud. Everytime I have played as a vigi, I get shot on site, even if I am just standing there....rebel is way more fun, lol.

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Yeah! That's it brother! Come to the light! 


The Rebels can't be trusted! Not for one second! They always think about themselves and nobody else! APD aren't like that, we live to protect and serve! To PROTECT and SERVE! To SERVE your every need. We're here to SERVICE the population of Altis. Come see me if you need servicing bbygurl ;) 

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