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Houses for sale! S3 Pyrgos, S2 DP11

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Are you new to Altis? Looking for the perfect home?

Look no further! I have beachfront property with incredible views! 




This house offers-

   Great condition, well kept

   4 Crate Storage

   Secluded property with gate access

   Extremely close proximity to both Pyrgos Garage and drug dealer... Eliminates the need for a garage!

   Relatively close to the Air Garage... No passing through the sketchy main square!


I can also offer an amazing 3 storage house in DP 11! (S2)




It comes with-

   Direct access to MSR... Be anywhere in minutes!

   Great location for moonshine and cocaine!

   Secluded alleyway for those sneaky drug operations!

   Great location for an underground slave trade!


Im not really sure how much these are worth to everyone else, so PM or comment an offer and we can negotiate from there. 

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Okay well let me see here what is the actual price of the house if you can tell me that we can find a within reason price I am willing to go to 1.3 mill depending on the price of the house

I also am thinking of buying your second house too

Add me on steam it's Billcosbywarfare im a level 1 if that helps to find me so we can talk about this in a faster manner

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