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Jendrak here!

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Welcome to Olympus[break1][/break1] I am Jendrak, one of the designers here at Olympus as well as Head Medic on Altis[break1][/break1] I am 34 and happily married with 2 beautiful children[break1][/break1] Gaming is a stress relief and escape for me[break1][/break1] I am a hardcore gamer in the aspect of taking my game time very seriously[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]however erratic that may be[break1][/break1] I have a great time with the community here and enjoy hanging with them[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]even just in Teamspeak between game sessions[break1][/break1] Hope to see you guys in game!

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