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To me, Its been a Lifetime.

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 I wrote this to kind of do a public reflection to you guys on what I've experienced.


I've been Olympus for around 4 months. That is easily the longest I've been around a gaming community with the exceptions of Mil-sim units in arma2. I've seen the great retiring of the god named Jendrak the prized and loved Dev. It was a sad time. 


I've seen the great a feared war pilot named Ace and his Wingman Snake. I've never been on the bad side of these Mods/Admins and as far as I know I've never seen any abuse, and at least to me all my problems. I've rammed head into Ace and Snake when then a Ifirt ran in between us, I was allowed to get in the legends himself Helicopter for around 5 minutes till Ace and Snake ran into each other. I then died in an Apple Orchard as Ace and Snake took on an Ifirt with 7.62 bullets. 


I'd overall like to thank everyone in this community and all the staff thank you for allowing me to have these good times and hopefully more in the future. 





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