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Insurance for IFrit???

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What insurance company in their right mind would insure something that is illegal? LOL   Sorry dude you loose one of them you loose it forever!

I have an insured chrome 50 cal from the first day insurance was put in :P One company slipped through Poseidon's cracks

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We should implement a red zoned vehicle upgrade shop that will not only give insurance to illegal vehicles, but also allow you to purchase illegal upgrades like oil slicks or deployable smokescreen if you are being chased by cops.

For the insurance, instead of selling it at 40-50% of the vehicles original price, illegal vehicles have to pay like 75% of the original cost.

What do you guys think???

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eh... 50 cals or ifrits with insurance....too OP.

I don't see where a wipe is needed though wheatie.

Unless......we wiped all the APD/medic/ standings and everyone had to start from civi 1 ;)




i'm too evil. Sorry :C

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