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Selling Everything I Own

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2 hours ago, paul MINI said:

If you still have mk1 taser I’ll buy it for 750k 

That’s an undercut lol

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On 10/21/2018 at 12:32 PM, Jonnyboi said:

Stopped playing arma, got bored of it because none of my friends play.

So, I'm gonna be moving on to other games and irl shit but I'm selling everything I have.




Civilian Guns/Clothes

  • MK-1 EMR(2)
  • Type-115(2)
  • MK-18 ABR(1)
  • ASP-1 Kir(1)
  • CAR-95-100Round(1)
  • Pilot Helmet[CSAT](6)
  • Enhanced Combat Helmet(3)
  • Carrier Lite[Black](6)
  • Carrier Lite[Tropic](1)
  • Titan(1)

This is all from one house, could be more in others idk. But, most guns come with mags. A bunch more random shit like clothes and NVGs which I can just throw in there if you really want them.

Cop Gear

  • MK-1 EMR(1)
  • Sting(2)
  • Rangemaster Suit(3)
  • Tactical Vest[Black](2)
  • ARCO[Black](2)
  • NV Goggles[Black](2)
  • Tactical Vest[Police](2)
  • Mili Cap[Grey](1)

Just a bunch of random shit really, all in my kav house.


Server 2- Kavala Shit House 4 Crater- https://gyazo.com/dc5f497778c979100f91296e3a1b1116

Server 3- Moonshine DP24 Houses - https://gyazo.com/e09cb20ab5a1593a753141d886c35706

          One 3-Crater and Two 2-Craters & Garage

          Random DP17 4 Crater - https://gyazo.com/c6831553c3a4082750b94bdbb7b7f2fc


Just give prices for anything you want and I'll let you know.




Asp 300k

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