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Mayor governor, altis goverment

Would you like a government system  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see a system implemented for altis government like a mayor or a governor that couldlegleis drugs hat are near the city per say weed is legal in kavala heroin legal in Sofia and so punch please if you are interested please vote and res

    • Yes, have a mayor of the city that can legalise all illegal drugs in the town and other things that could be talked about
    • Yes have a mayor that could legalise the drug with a field nearest to the town
    • No you would not like anything to be added
  2. 2. Would you also like other government positions

  3. 3. What aspect do you think is Dylan's Best quality(s)

    • He is super sexy and cool
    • He has the swag
    • Dylan is a god among Men and we shall bow before our god

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You mean the poll how did I make it there is a think on the side when creating a topic and you can add questions and responses

# kraken for president

# DylanForPresidentsBodyguard

Thing on the side when posting

If they actually do this then the terrors could be town raids between mayors

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