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I never did one of these in my 5 months i've been here; 6 months on the 19th. My name is Squall some might know me as HoLeeFuk, Occifer Squall, and [Medic] Squall. My real name is Anthony and I live in South Carolina. I am 19 years old and i'm in college for aircraft maintenance. I have seen alot of stuff since i've been on the server and i've seen alot of good people leave. I joined the APD when i first joined the server and stayed a cadet for a bit but I took my ride alongs and failed both, i was removed from the APD and told i could reapply but after that I took a break for a couple weeks. I then came back and got back into the APD and passed my ride along and became a Constable on the 23rd of October and i'm still here. As for my medic career i joined the R&R when it first was revamped by Jendrak. I passed my test with flying colors and then became a dispatch. I worked my way up to Armor Responder soon after that. But after that I told John i'd have to drop because I couldn't keep up my hours because i wanted to work at trying to get my Corporal in APD and I was no longer a medic a week ago i decided i missed Medic and wanted to come back so I did and last week i became dispatch again. Ok so if you met me in game you would know I try to RP whether be civ, cop and medic i use my actual Southern accent to RP. I try to RP anything I can from Drunk driving to lawyer and more. I love the RP i dont play for the money im setting at 2.6 mill in my bank and I'm happy with that. I have never been banned from the servers for any reason and I say that with pride. I follow the rules and try to help others with the rules like explaining to them how to actually call terror vs the wrong way. My favorite by far of Olympus is the community, i have personally seen the growth of the community and I love to see that. I would like to see myself become a Moderator someday on the server and right now I have my Moderator Application in and its put on hold. Well i hope this was a good introduction of myself and who i am in game and some what out of game.

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  It is to my understanding they have a chart/list of sorts that they go through for the potential promotions on every rank leading up. We have quite the APD force and Deputies being added on the daily. I have been in certain channels and heard particular individuals (cussing up a storm, hating the world) inquiring about their ride along as they have been in their positions for more than two months. There are a couple of factors to look into in regards to promotions. In your case you are doing the most important part in your position, RP. While others need to wonder and look to themselves to see if they need to improve on one of these key factors; Their ability to coach and help the deputies with the policies and procedures, High amounts of RP even when it counts the most. By this I mean being able to keep your cool under pressure or handling a really hard cased Civilian regardless if they break RP or not. < This is a must because it is a direct reflection on how well you lead your team, and you set the example in your current position/rank, also the respect from the lower ranks. If you have been practicing these qualities and they are not an issue you have nothing to worry about. I am sure the Lieutenants know of your potential but have their plates full at the moment. It will come Squall.

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