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A Thank You To The Admins

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In the midst of all the whining and moaning about how the server wipes are going to suck I wanted to thank you guys (and the players that have been backing up the wipe with positive vibes).  


I am by no means a hardcore player as I have a very busy job (60+ hours a week) plus a wife and kids.  I understand that people don't always have the time to grind and get to be multi-millionaires.  After playing this weekend I realized that the new server makes things much more enjoyable.  Everything has a sense of real danger to it.  Just crashing your offroad or having a bounty can really screw up your plans.  I find myself (and others) being much more careful and friendly due to a real fear of losing what they have.  There is now value to vehicles, guns, clothes, etc.  Eventually people will become super rich again but for now I am very much enjoying the new environment.  


So again, thank you for your hard work and patience with all the whiners out there!

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