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A story of a boy who cried Comp.

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I remember one of my first few days of being a cop.

There once was a young high pitched boy who had a what a vigilante would call " A bountiful bounty" on his head.

Manslaughters, grand thefts, drug trafficking....he did every crime imaginable.

Then he heard the sirens and the APD screaming to put his hands up in proper fashion. 

He ran.


He ran so far awaaay....

and he ran....he ran all night and day.....

then he got tazed by 10900000 volts and hit the dirt faster than you could say "comp or ban"


Once he was restrained and vulnerable all he said was.


"you can't do this, you're shitters, comp or ban."


Then as he was put into the vehicle.




Pulled out of vehicle, called higher up with PO, Processed, jailed.




To this day I wonder....what is there to comp for when he was dressed in his beautiful striped shirt with no gear......do I.....taze myself? 

How can one comp one who has nothing ?


RIP little squeaker boy blue.....you....you were almost the fastest kid alive.




This story brought to you by a man with only his dark souls 2 to entertain him.

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